Q. How fast can the kart go?
A. As fast as you can accelerate it! However, the maximum speed will be 50 KMPH

Q. Is there a chance of kart toppling at high speeds?
A. There are no chances of kart toppling at any speeds.

Q. Will I get hurt if another kart bumps into mine at high speed?
A. You will not get hurt and the bumpers would take the impact, however your drive path might get deflected due to the collusion.

Q. I don’t have a Drivers License. Can I Go-kart?
A. You don’t need a drivers License to Kart. Actually you need not know driving even to Kart.

Q. Is there any age limit for participants?
A. No. There will be no age limit fixed for participants. But all the members in the team should be physically fit.

Q. Is the driving on the track Safe enough?
A. Listening carefully to the safety instructions will definitely help you - after all, it’s only five minutes that you need to listen for! Helmets are Mandatory and will be provided for all the participants. The circuits will have safety tyre wall around the track as added protection even if anyone crashes.

Q. What should be the Ideal Apparel to be worn?
A. Gloves are always a good idea, as your hands can get sore from gripping the steering wheel. Moderately loose clothing is always advisable. Trainers are the recommended form of footwear, particularly ones with thin soles. Thick-soled trainers are often frowned upon, as they can be too thick for you properly feel the pedals beneath your feet. As only the slightest touch is often needed to brake or accelerate, thick-soled trainers can really have a negative effect on your driving skills.
Strike 10
Q. What is bowling?
A. Bowling is a sport in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball along a flat surface, usually a wooden or synthetic surface, into objects called pins.

Q. How to pick a ball?
A. Use a ball that weighs closet to 1/10 of your body weight. If you weigh 80 lbs., pick an 8lb. ball. Put fingers in first - up to the second knuckle. Then your thumb goes in. Your thumb should go all the way into the ball for a good fit. The fingers and thumb should touch all the way around the holes without being tight.

Q. How to hold the ball?
A. Cradle the ball gently in your free hand. Thumb and middle two fingers go into the holes. Thumb should point upward. Aim for the 2nd arrow-your target.

Q. Is bowling good for health?
A. Bowling is an anaerobic type of physical exercise, similar to walking with free weights. Bowling helps in burning calories and works muscle groups not usually exercised. The flexing and stretching in bowling works tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles in the arms and promotes weight loss. Apart from the physical benefits it also as psychosocial benefits, strengthening friendships or creating new ones in groups.

Q. How safe is bowling?
A. Like any other physical activity, warming up helps to prevent injuries. Checking the soles of shoes for sticky objects helps to avoid falls. Since bowling ball is heavy with varying weight ranges, to avoid back and wrist injury they should be picked up with both hands. It’s recommended to bend one’s knees while picking up bowling ball to avoid back injuries

Q. How long does a bowling game last?
A. About an hour? It actually depends on how long it takes one person to roll the bowling ball down the lane.
Q. What is a Paintball Game?
A. Paintball is a game in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with a ball containing paint like substance called “paintball “usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed gas powdered paintball gun called Marker.

Q. Does Paintball require trained players?
A. No, not at all! If you can manage to run 200 feet 10 times in 40 minutes at an average speed, then you can be tagged as a good player.

Q. Can you play Paintball?
A. Why not! It can be played by anybody and everybody who want to have fun. All you need is an enthusiastic gang who love taking up challenges. The game has taken a new turn as the paintball fields are utilized worldwide for stag parties, hen parties, birthday parties and you can expect the same from us!

Q. What differentiates us?
A. Great Paintball markers with CO2 gas safety masks with padded professional gear Eco-friendly Paintballs Trained, Certified & Friendly on field personnel, Fully armed & chic Paintball field with inflatable bunkers fortified with security net

Q. What kind of clothing does Paintball demands?
A. Clothing is not an issue as Liquid colors and the stains of paintball are fragile and can be easily washed off. But taking into account the comfort factor it's advisable to wear loose cotton clothing, full armed shirts and jeans. Not to forget the sport shoes, of good built.

Q. Is Paintball Safe?
A. Paintball is very safe as long as you follow the rules and use common sense. Any severe injuries come from people simply not following rules - usually removing their mask when they shouldn't. There are, of course, minor injuries such as strains and sprains that are associated with all action sports and paintballs can leave minor bruises. As a whole, paintball is very safe, does not lead to major injuries.
Cric 8
Q.Why are sports like cricket an integral part of contemporary life?
A.Sports like cricket are an integral part of contemporary life because they help
(i) amuse ourselves,
(ii) enable us to compete in a healthy way, stay fit and
(iii) express our social loyalties.

Q.What is the size of a cricket pitch?
A.The cricket pitch measures 22 yards or 20.12 meters in length and 5 feet or 1.52 meters in width.The length is measured between the middle stumps of each set of wickets at each end.

Q.How is the new Cric8 different from other Cricket?
A. A game of cricket where there would be 8 players in a team battling it out against another team of 8.

Q. How many substitute can each team have in cric8 ?
A. 2 substitute each team can have.

Q. Only Corporate people can participate?
A. Ultimate Corporate League is only for corporate participation ​ and Ultimate College league for bona fide college teams.​

Q.How does cric8 helps the corporate?
A. Its helps in team building, refreshment from monotonous work and overall different environment to boast up energy.

Q.How about people who dont know to play and wants to play Cric8?
A. There will be few practice session given before the main event,So that people can learn and play.

Q.Its indoor or outdoor match?
A. It will be indoor match.

Q.What is the advantage of playing indoor cricket?
A. It is not weather dependent on weather and can be played at any time during the day.

Q.How many days of match it will be?
A. It will be total of 18 days match.

Q.Can women participate?
A. Yes, women can be the part of team because corporate event is all about team building exercise.

Q.How many overs will be the finals of cric8 ?
A. The finals will be of 20 over.