About Us

Zeroin is a pioneer in Go Karting and has helped set up the first go-karting track in Bangalore at Patel’s Inn, RT Nagar in the year 1993. Since then Zeroin has hosted a variety of karting events like:

  • •12 hours endurance race
  • • Kartomania, intercollegiate Series
  • • Fastlane, Inter-corporate series, started in the year 2002
  • • Junior Kart-O-mania, Inter-school series.
  • • Intra-Corporate events

After 5 successful editions of FASTLANE, going by the gaining popularity amongst corporates and their enthusiasm for participation in unique sports, Zeroin felt encouraged to take FASTLANE a couple of steps further with two new uncommon sports – all under ONE banner- and thus the “ULTIMATE CORPORATE LEAGUE” was conceptualized in 2009.

Comprising of 3 hatke sports Bowling (STRIKE10), Paint Ball (SPLATT) & Go-Karting (FASTLANE), this is India‟s largest Inter-Corporate tourney so far.

The first leg of the Ultimate Corporate League was launched in September 2009, and subsequently held in 2011 and 2012.

Zeroin has deliberately chosen uncommon sports to create a league that’s truly different and ensures an all round experience be it Bowling in an air conditioned enclosure, Paintball where players are exposed to the elements of nature or Go-Karting where participants get a taste of living on the edge!

For the 2015 version, UCL introduces one more sport – non conventional 8 over cricket and call it CRIC8.

What About UCL? 

  • 1. The biggest ever inter-corporate league in India
  • 2. Out of the box concept of employee engagement
  • 3. Unconventional sports
  • 4. Great networking opportunities
  • 5. Unity In Diversity
  • 6. Ultimate Competitive Spirit

There are so many things a company does for its employees… You must have done it all!!

  • 1.Parties
  • 2.Day outs
  • 3.On the floor engagement
  • 4.And all that entertainment!!

We bring to you….
The Ultimate Corporate League!!!
The most unconventional form of entertainment corporates have ever experienced!!!