Airbnb Purchases Zeus Housing

The demand for increased housing with Airbnb grows monthly. The corporation has explored multiple avenues that would increase its property-to-renter acquisition rates. This included Vacation Rentals and Corporate Housing. However, the cost to build corporate housing for short-term renters proved insufficient. Subsequently, the Airbnb Corporation has made a strategic investment into Zeus Living.

They are a market leader when it applies to Corporate Housing, with average rentals lasting thirty days or longer. Zeus Living earns an average revenue of $100 million, with more than 2000 units available in North America. Airbnb’s investment will enable Zeus Living to engage with worldwide operations, allowing for renters to pay upwards of $4,000.00 to a monthly unit or $16,000.00 for a yearly corporate home.

Funding Rounds

Zeus Living acquired the Airbnb investment through its second round of funding. After increasing their workforce to 250 employees and maxing out their available investment portfolio, Zeus Living requested the assistance of other corporations in their market. Subsequently, they received eight significant investors to provide $205 million in post-money valuation. Those corporations include TI Platform Management, CEAS Investments, Initialized Capital, Alumni Ventures Group, Spike Ventures, NFX, Comcast, and Airbnb.

Their recent advancement in popularity throughout 2019 allowed for their increased post-valuation. Throughout their first found of funding, the housing corporation earned $25 million. This came from multiple investments and re-mortgaging on locations in North America. Their previous investors included the Disney Corporation, Service Titan, and Samsara.

Whoever selects to use the Zeus Living Services through Airbnb will receive more than a basic corporate housing block. The locations provided to renters are modernized, with maintenance handled at the higher levels. All sites maintain cleaning staff and offer Helix Mattress Bed Sets. The comfortability provided at these locations in New York, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, and all other metropolises across America is unlike anything else Airbnb has offered before in recent memory.