Alexis Ohanian Leaves Reddit Board

The Black Lives Movement has become an important subject over the last two weeks, which follows after law enforcement in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd by removing all oxygen from his lungs. It’s prompted multiple corporations to implement specialized strategy, hoping to change the mentalities of racists over a prolonged period. It’s even prompted corporations like the Sony Company to delay the announcement of their PlayStation Five. More shockingly though, it was recently announced by Alexis Ohanian that he’d be leaving his position with the Reddit Board of Directors. His resignation is conditional that an African America Candidate must be elected. Alexis Ohanian is the Co-Founder & former CEO of Reddit, one of the most engaged social media platforms worldwide.

The Reddit Co-Founder didn’t wait for questioning from reporters, instead of selecting Twitter to enforce his mindset behind thing decision. Alexis revealed that in his new fatherhood, what would his answer be upon his daughter possible asking what Ohanian did during this period.

The chances that his daughter would ask such a question are high, with Alexis Ohanian marrying Serena Williams, an infamous female tennis player of African descent. Considering the fame behind her mother & her unique decent, the actions of Alexis Ohanian has been praised by Serena Williams. The Reddit Co-Founder is also donating an additional $1 million towards the “Know Your Rights Camp”, which is operated by Colin Kaepernick as a Non-Profit Organization.

The Ups & Downs

Alexis Ohanian mentioned that resigning from his position is an act of leadership, that making way for an African American Board Director will be a 1st in his space. It should be mentioned that Reddit has actively supported the growth of society, with their 1st female Board Member being elected in 2019. It’s not surprising that similar measures would be enforced with this latest movement coming to light. Alexis Ohanian isn’t losing much by leaving the Board of Directors, with him stepping down from the daily duties of CEO back in 2018.

For all the positive Alexis Ohanian is accomplishing, Reddit still maintains an influx of racial content through their sub-forums. It’s prompting the corporation to implement immediate bans or quarantines on these groups, meaning their active status will be terminated.