Amazon Isn’t Protecting Its Workforce

Coronavirus Testing Labs are being developed rapidly by multiple corporations. This is because billions can be earned by creating a cure for this virus before the government itself. The latest company to enter the race is Amazon, who announced they’ll be developing this testing facility to monitor staff. That’d require testing facilities be implemented throughout fifty locations in North America, which wasn’t confirmed during this announcement. That leads business analysts to believe that Jeff Bezos has an ulterior motive behind this testing facility. It should be noted that multiple Amazon employees in the United States have been confirmed with COVID-19. This corporation had hired experienced individuals to operate this Coronavirus Testing Facility, which could take three months to construct.

This announcement comes after the Amazon Company has faced a significant backlash against them for maintaining minimal safety protocols throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. A warehouse worker in New York State tried to enforce a change by organizing a protest. It prompted in his immediate termination, which Amazon says wasn’t because of these events. His dismissal was apparently because he put the safety and health of others at risk, which is ironic. After all, Amazon has done the same to millions across North America. Employees with Amazon are fired regularly for unnecessary reasons, including using the bathroom during working hours.

The Truth

Insiders within the Amazon Company have become resilient against their employers. One individual leaked documents which proved that Amazon Executives were lying about the reasoning of the New York State employee’s termination. This leaked document indicated that representatives should make the first part of their statement about how the employee’s conduct was illegal, unacceptable and immoral. Executives then mentioned that the usual excuses about worker safety could be implemented. This shows a blatant lack of respect for their workforce.

When questioned on the leaked documents, Amazon representatives noted that operational sites have begun distributing medical equipment to employees. Temperature checks are required with regular testing for all employees entering or leaving a facility. Photographic evidence throughout the last week indicates that these statements are falsified. Considering that Amazon is shipping a large percentage of product to North Americans, the chances that the government will fine them is minimal.