American Hospitals in Financial Crisis

Hospitals in the United States of America have begun building Covid-19 Tents and Wards, ensuring that other patients don’t come into contact with infected individuals. These hospitals are requesting emergency credit lines from Washington, demanding that $100 billion will be needed for stabilization funds. It’ll be the only plausible way to ensure the safety of patients during this pandemic.

The American Hospital Association Vice President, Robyn Bash, believes that the healthcare system should become a top priority for Congress. Considering that Hospitals in the US are supported through the financial burdens of healthcare, these various locations are losing $1 million daily. Costs are expected to increase drastically and have forced multiple medical institutions to postpone elective surgeries. This includes Non-Emergency Procedures, meaning there are potentially hundreds of thousands at liberty to lose their lives from the limited funds provided to hospitals. Additional costs apply to hire new employees, which is required to account for the growing number of patients at each hospital across America.

Robyn Bash noted that several hot zones had been seen throughout America, with many others slated to come with daily reported accounts. The Vice President pointed out that every day these hospitals will have an increased influx of patients. Examples apply to New York Cities, Mount Sinai Health System Morningside Hospital. This location supported a 500-Bed Facility that’s seen its exposure rates double every two days.
Twenty patients were admitted on March 16th, with that valuation increasing to fifty by March 20th. Morningside Hospital requested additional nurses and doctors to account for the increased exposure, with concerns that current staff will catch the virus and pass away. It should be noted that President Donald Trump hasn’t provided any insight into medical fund relief to these hospitals, often dodging the question by saying there are enough testing kits.

Coronavirus Wards

Morningside Hospital is repurposing beds that were previously used for the 80% occupancy rate seen throughout the other wards, with these cots being supplied to the Covid-19 Ward. Following this repurposing, it was also confirmed that elective surgeries would be cancelled. The same effects were seen to Small-Scale Hospitals throughout America are now challenging the nations best medical facilities. Morningside has demanded an increased volume of medical masks, medical gloves, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and ventilators to assist this influx of patients.