Apple Sued Over Watch Technology

Apple Incorporated, one of the most prominent technology conglomerates, has come under siege with a recent lawsuit. This lawsuit arises from a Cardiologist with New York University, who claims that Apple Inc used his patented technology for their heartbeat-monitor feature of every iteration of the Apple Watch. This lawsuit was filed on Friday, December 27, 2019, by Doctor Joseph Wiesel. He teaches Medicine at NYU, meaning the Brooklyn Federal Court will handle this case.

The feature in question on Apple’s Watch Series is often promoted in their advertisements. Consumers purchasing this device can measure their heart rate, with any irregularities promoting a vibrating notification and message to the proper authorities. Considering that Apple earns upwards of $24 billion yearly from the Apple Watch Lineup, it would be a significant payday if the courts determine that Joseph’s patent has been breached.

Substantial records dating back ten years, which showed Joseph Wiesel was manufacturing his invention. It’s known that he created the beginning steps for Atrial Fibrillation Detection. This would release rhymical pulses at time intervals, confirming any irregulates in the heartbeat of consumers. Before this lawsuit was filed, Joseph informed Apple Incorporated of their wrongdoings. However, Apple refused to negotiate with this professor and will allow the courts to decide this outcome of this illicit behavior.

Apple Assisting Australia

The Apple Incorporated Company wants to avoid a public backlash against their watch lineup. It forced the company to focus on a sympatric cause, allowing them to take on the role of the hero instead of the villain. The same day that this lawsuit was announced, Tim Cook revealed that the company would contribute towards the significant wildfires in Australia. There have been more than one hundred fires, located everywhere from South Australia to Queensland. This announcement was made through social media posts on Twitter and Instagram, where Cook praised the volunteer firefighters and supported medical advisors.

Tim Cook didn’t provide any details on the associated figure of their donation. It could be minimal, being in the low thousands, which analysts believe is the reality. Apple Inc would’ve publicly acknowledged their associated contribution if it was a large quantity. It’s for this reason that analysts believe this announced was a marketing ploy to avoid any information on the Doctor Joseph Wiesel patent lawsuit. Regardless, Australia is facing its worst national disaster in decades. The entire country was placed into a national emergency, with Firefighters worldwide coming to assist in battling these flames.