Ben & Jerrys Partners with Netflix for New Product

There isn’t anything better than settling in for the night and planning to watch many movies. Netflix knows this is a significant obsession with consumers of their platform, which prompted them to partner with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The two corporations have created a new flavour that’s dedicated to consumers of Netflix users. Named the Netflix & Chill’d Ice Cream, this will include a combination of flavours that is said to overwhelm taste buds in the best ways possible. Those ingredients include Salty Pretzel’s, Fudge Brownies, Peanut Butter Ice Cream and Sweet Chunks of Chocolate.

Consumers that want to purchase this product immediately won’t have to wait long, with the product slated to release nationwide by January 21st. It’s already available through the Ben & Jerry’s online retailer and various ice cream shops nationwide. Those who cannot process dairy aren’t excluded from this savoury treat, with a non-diary version hitting store shelves as well. Individuals have already taken to social media and begun describing their anticipation for this selective ice cream. Those wanting immediate notice for when the product will arrive in a local store can register their email address to Ben & Jerry’s.

Nestle’s Toll House Released Edible Cookie Dough

New products are continuously being released into global markets, trying to grab the attention of consumers. This became evident once against Nestle’s Toll House; the subsidiary confirmed that they’re releasing two new desserts to the United Kingdom. These will include the Edible Fudge Browning Cookie Dough, which is complemented by its sister product, the Edible Funfetti w/ Candy Sprinkles Cookie Dough. These announcements follow after the Nestle Toll House company released their first edible products in June 2019. Those products are for sale today and include a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip flavouring. As anticipated, their edible cookie dough’s performed with high valuations. This is what prompted two additional flavours to be released for 2020.

Those concerned about what products are being used to make these edible cookie doughs shouldn’t worry. The Edible Funfetti and Fudge Brownie Cookie Doughs are created with standard ingredients in a controlled facility. This included eggs, flour, milk, sweet chocolate and brown sugar. Nestle’s Toll House doesn’t use any artificial flavourings or ingredients to manufacturer this cookie dough. The two new flavours will release to the United Kingdom on January 31st, 2020. It’ll be sold in Walmart, ShopRite and other notable retail locations.