Benefits of Team Building When it Comes to Sports Teams

The primary objective when it comes to a team building program is to ensure that the team develops a strong internal bond that will be present throughout the season. When there’s an influx of brand-new players, or when there’s a new coaching setup that hasn’t perfectly gelled with the team as of yet, the perfect way to bond is through team-based challenges. These will work much quicker than practice drills or standard training.

Team building programs are designed to promote cooperation to successfully accomplish a specific goal. Team building activities are not about an individual player working on their own. Instead, it’s about the entire team working together to achieve the necessary result. The perfect number when it comes to team challenges are between 10-15 players. Once there are more than 15 players in a challenge, players will start to hang back, causing them to get lost in the crowd. It’s usually a brilliant idea to have your first team play against your Reserve team for the best results. Alternatively, you can mix things up to make it more competitive. Once the team building activity has ended, a coach will sit down with his players and discuss the performance of each individual.

Second Objective – Find Leaders

Another popular coaching objective is to locate leaders in your team that will take the role of team captain who will lead the team throughout the upcoming season. By utilising unique team building activities, team coaches can obtain a different perspective of the leaders in the team and challenge them to take control.

Facilitators will usually sit back with the coaching staff and observe who the leaders are in the team as well as the style they use to lead the team. Coaches are often surprised when a certain player steps up to demonstrate their leadership skills and their ability to lead a playing group. The facilitator and coaching group will then provide feedback to leaders throughout the day. However, be on the lookout for players in the leading role as they might come across aggressive and dominating and will not listen to their team members. It’s for this very reason that team building activities need to be held to see how the leaders function with their team members.

Third Objective – Set Development Plans and Team Goals

After each training session, coaches are required to transfer and relate their knowledge of a specific sport. This means coaches need to discuss individual plans for each player and talk about long-term goals for the team. For a group of individuals to become a team, each member needs to understand the common overall goal and needs to establish goals and guidelines for themselves as well.

Creating team goals is ideal for improving success and motivation on the field. Instead of informing your team on the common goals, let them come up with their own unique goals to reach success. Allow them to come to a common agreement on what they believe will accomplish success.