Best Corporate Team-Building Sports

Putting together a team of professionals and hoping everyone gets along for the best possible business result isn’t an easy job. Luckily, there are many fun and exciting options that allow you to take your team to the next level and come a strong unit, not with business, but in competitions as well!

Corporate events can be a lot of fun for everyone involved. Some sports might not be on the A-list for some, but once everyone gets into it, a whole new vibe grows rapidly. Instead of taking the team out for dinner or having some function with food and drink, consider going all out and choosing one of the following exciting options:

Racing Go-Carts

Go-carts can be fun and exciting, especially when you have teams that involve other companies. Some tracks offer multiple levels, including practice, qualifying and of course, the big event. This has become one of the most exciting forms of corporate events as it involves all the members of the team in some way. Those who don’t want to race get to enjoy the action from the site and see as their colleagues become heroes or losers on the track.

The best way to get the racing blood flowing is to invite a rival company to join in on the action and meet at the track. There’s sure to be some competition, making it interesting, especially with prizes involved as well. Not only is this a fun day out, but it can also become a company standard, having races four times a year or every month for the ultimate in winners and losers.


Blowing is yet another great choice for companies on their own or as a rivalry for other companies. Not only does it allow everyone to take part, but it offers an option that most enjoy. There are various venues to choose from, and when the teams get bigger, it simply becomes more entertaining. Companies that use blowing as team-building go as far as building their own private league, which might not complete at professional levels, but rather against other companies.


Once again, paintball might be a tricky one as not everyone would want to play. However, there’s bound to be many team members that are geared up towards pulling the trigger and getting in on the fun as they shoot each other. Games can become very exciting as different levels team up with others to remain the best in the company. Of course, other companies can get involved, turning a round of paintball into a challenge that never ends.


On those warm summer days where everyone just feels like being sound side, nothing beats a game of cricket. It can either get serious or be an enjoyable corporate game that allows everyone to join in. If you have a team that’s serious about playing the game, challenging other companies can also be an interesting choice.