Best Kart Circuits in Europe

Racing fans are all too familiar with legendary racetrack names, including Suzuka, Monza, Spa, and Silverstone. However, kart circuit names like La Conca, Genk, and the awful-sounding Wackersdorf will definitely not provide the same emotional resonance. However, one could argue that they are more important as these phenomenal kart circuits were used by several F1 drivers during their formative years to learn their craft and perfect their skills.

Europe is home to a wide variety of sensational karting tracks, but we decided to list only the best in this article to assist you in enjoying the very best Europe has to offer when it comes to competitive kart racing with your friends, family, or even against the members from your work environment.

South Garda Karting – Lonato del Garda, Italy

South Garda is undoubtably a name that has been synonymous in the world of karting for more than three decades. Located near Lonato del Garda, South Garda is renowned when it comes to karting as both Davide Fore, and Lewis Hamilton had major success on this popular Italian circuit. In January each year, the circuit is home to the annual Winter Cup and is considered the first major event when it comes to the karting calendar. The karting circuit has seen multiple changes over the years, but the famous and fast Sector One hasn’t changed since its inception.

Sarno – Italy

Situated near the Naples International Raceway is one of the fastest kart circuits in the world. Bravery and skills are extremely important on this circuit, posing a real challenge for everyone that decides to take it on with speeds reaching more than 100mph around the track. This extremely challenging circuit features fast and long corners, biblical rainstorms, and a technical final sector that is sure to increase your heart rate.

Wackersdorf – Germany

Wackersdorf is the most regularly-used kart circuits when it comes to kart racing. It provides an extremely wide track, offering plenty of overtaking opportunities which means its perfect for a true karting spectacle for adrenaline pumping racing. The circuit is renowned for its fast corners, heavy braking, and tight hairpins.

PFI – England

PFI managed to host the World Karting Championship in 2017 and is probably one of the best kart circuits in the world. It comes equipped with immaculate racing kerbs and tarmac, perfect radius corners, and a paddock for formula one just for good measure. The track has also seen a few improvements over the years, especially Sector One that received an extension in 2011 that allows drivers to join the original track at a much higher speed.

Genk – Belgium

Genk is undeniably one of the most popular karting circuits in Europe and for very good reason too. The circuit comes fitted with just about everything you need to have a nail-biting racing experience, from overtaking opportunities and fast sweeping turns to hairpins and extremely technical corners. This is obviously a regular when it comes to the European and World karting events as well.