Best Paintball Fields in the US

Paintball is one of the fastest growing activities worldwide and with good reason, it is a fun high-paced action adventure that provides players with a feeling that they’re part of a team and enjoying a video game in real life. The reward of playing paintball is the thrill of the chase, and then there is the victory of a great shot, and quite frankly nothing compares to the adrenaline rush.

Part of all the excitement is getting dressed in paintball attire, getting your paintball gun ready and checking your amination, plus there is the team depending on your skills and techniques. In the United States, there are some of the world’s best paintball fields, featuring excellent hiding spots as well as proper obstacles needed to transform an ordinary game into some extreme.

Illinois – Paintball Explosion

Six main courses are part of the paintball experience at Paintball Explosion in Illinois. These can be used for airsoft, laser tag and paintball. The zones are themed in a way that each mimic the design and setting of a well-known video game. If you’re a Call of Duty fan then the Nuketown Field are bound to get your imagination going, it is modelled according to the Call of Duty map, and the course includes school buses and test dummies, which welcomes everyone into the zone of the most popular first-shooter video game. If you’re one wish or dream has always been to play Call of Duty in real life, then this is it!

California – The Paintball Park

If it is the most unique experience, you’re after then nothing compares to Camp Pendleton, know to offer the most adventurous paintball experience available on earth. The real-life military base field is one of the most popular for teams who plan and strategise their attacks down to the last detail. Participants get to dodge and weave around army tanks, fuel bunkers and copers while sniping their opponents. It is the perfect field to break out your camo attire as this is one field where your skills are put to a tough test.

Pennsylvania – Skirmish

Albrightsville is where the greatest paintball field in Pennsylvania is based. Participants get to play to their heart’s desire on 700 acres where over 50 zones offer endless opportunities. Its playing paintball in the woods and this paintball field feature forts, tanks and helicopters perfect to enjoy great play with like-minded team members. Skirmish also offer two castles and players can participate in several yearly events, the most popular attracts 4,000 participants and is called The Invasion of Normandy. This event takes place in the summer, and it is one of the highlights for teams eager to test their skills and meet other teams.

These are only some of the paintball fields available to players in the USA, so plan your next trip now, call the boys, pack your paintball gun and hit the road, it is time to explore the best paintball fields in the US.