Boeing Gets Second Chance

The Boeing Company has faced significant backlash throughout the last twelve months, which follows after two airplanes crashed unfolded with the 737 Max. It was revealed that a critical error in the aircraft’s flying capabilities was known by the Boeing Company, with them not providing the viable training or patchwork required to make these vehicles safe. This hasn’t stopped the Boeing Company from beginning production on the 777X, an upcoming aircraft slated for 2021. Designed after the 777 Jumbo, this smaller model completed its first test flight in Seattle this week. The airplane development unit for commercial aircraft expressed their gratitude towards the completion of the 777x.

Boeing’s 777x Aircraft will be the longest commercial jet in existence, designed for high-class passengers. Those watching the aircraft depart from Boeing’s manufacturing facility felt an overwhelming sadness by employees, with dozens of undelivered 737 Max’s standing by as the 777x took off. It’s a grim reminder that previous efforts from these employees went unwarranted because of the actions of executives. Subsequently, business analysts anticipate that the Boeing Company will experience an employee strike in 2020.

Even though the 777x is the smallest aircraft in the most recent lineup from Boeing, it’s the longest. It’ll maintain multiple hallmarks that will have the most dedicated flyers wanting to try out this luxurious aircraft. These hallmarks will include wingtips that fold, which will be created from carbon materials. It should be noted that the length and width of the 777x engine are more prominent that the 737 Max Fuselage.

Working with the FAA

The Boeing 777x provides airliners with more than four hundred seats, which is higher than any previous large-scale commercial jet. However, the Boeing Company will struggle to sell its most significant commercial aircraft. It marks the first time that this corporation is releasing a new airplane to consumers following the 737 Max crashes. Most airlines won’t be willing to purchase this recent model, with flyers having severe concerns regarding the safety of any Boeing aircraft. This was proven with decreased sales across all their aircraft on a worldwide scale, showing a global epidemic for Boeing.

The Federation Association of Aircrafts in America had pledged flyers that they’d be conducting extensive tests on the 777x. Boeing won’t be allowed to sell this product until every test has been completed. The FAA is also requesting the assistance of 100+ pilots, with their opinions being a significant factor into the approval of this airplane. Subsequently, the Boeing Company must focus on safety above all other aspects with the 777x. Experts also determined that sales will be lower for Boeing because of the economic downfall following wide-body aircrafts. Companies supplying these jets find it challenging to fill in the 360+ seats that come with any wide-body aircraft.