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How To Prepare For a Corporate Go Karting Race

Racing against your colleagues in an epic, action-packed battle of karting is always a fun and exciting experience, especially if you have the opportunity to beat your Manager or Supervisor in the process. However, if this is the first time diving into the world of karting, there’s a few things you’ll need to know before […]

What is a Business Fraternity and Should you Join One

Similar to a college fraternity – a business fraternity is focused on the brotherhood that is created between men in a professional workplace. Usually, these fraternities complete incorporating sporting leagues and events, along with occasionally helping out the community as well as to create a better image for their business and to help the market. […]

What are some of the benefits of Corporate Sports League

While it’s a proven fact that athletic teams develop some of the strongest bonds between one another, the same can be said about Corporate Sports League teams. Other than getting stronger and enjoying being outdoors, or indoors, with your coworkers, there are an array of benefits that comes from participating in corporate sports league events. […]

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