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Tesla Selects Texas for New Gigafactory

Elon Musk made an official announcement confirming which city in America where the companies new Gigafactory will be located. He announced that Tesla would construct a $1.1 Billion Gigafactory for the Cybertruck Austin, Texas. This announcement comes as Oklahoma fought their neighbouring state for acquisition of the Tesla Gigafactory, understanding that it’d create an influx […]

Walt Disney Stops Advertising with Facebook

Financial burdens sustaining Facebook within its advertising division is growing weekly. This follows after a worldwide push for international corporations to terminate their advertisements on the social media service. Facebook has actively avoided removing members that use their platform for hate speeches, racist intolerances, and horrendous videos depicting violence again minorities. It became guaranteed that […]

Emirates Airlines Terminate Nine Thousand Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has been detrimental for numerous industries, with aviation & tourism being the worst affected. Announcements regarding closed in both these industries are released daily, with the most recent coming from Emirates Airlines. The chief executive officer of Emirates Airlines confirmed that nine thousand jobs are being terminated amid the coronavirus pandemic. This […]

Air France is Cutting Jobs

The COVID-19 pandemic has enforced significant setbacks to the French economy. Jobs are being lost daily, with largescale corporations having to strategize their operations to account for financial losses sustained during the pandemic. Another company has confirmed a large percentage of their workforce will be terminated, affecting 7500 French Civilians in the Aviation Industry. This […]

Facebook Loses Big with Coca-Cola

The Black Lives Matters movement has drastically altered advertising on social media platforms. Residual implications from this international movement are starting to unfold, with multiple corporations moving towards genuine diversity in this workplace. This extends beyond their hired personnel & into the practices engaged when conducting daily business. One corporation implementing strategies for variety is […]

Ford Recalls Two Million Vehicles

The Ford Motor Company have proven their manufacturing capabilities to be insufficient again by announcing two million vehicles have been recalled in the United States. This recall applies towards models that had their doors open while the car was in motion. Faulty Door Hinges would decay over thousands of miles, forcing owners to take their […]

Alexis Ohanian Leaves Reddit Board

The Black Lives Movement has become an important subject over the last two weeks, which follows after law enforcement in Minneapolis murdered George Floyd by removing all oxygen from his lungs. It’s prompted multiple corporations to implement specialized strategy, hoping to change the mentalities of racists over a prolonged period. It’s even prompted corporations like […]

Renault Financially Struggling Amid COVID-19

Fifteen thousand civilians throughout the European Union & United Kingdom are losing their jobs with Renault. This decision follows after the French Car Manufacturer announced a €2 Billion Cost-Cutting Strategy, with their sales dwindling substantially during the coronavirus pandemic. The Interim Renault CEO informed reporters that this plan is essential for their operations to remain […]

Hertz and Reitman’s File for Bankruptcy Protection

Two corporations based in North America have filed for Bankruptcy Protection. One claim focused on the American Government, with the second claim made with the Canadian Government. The 1st claim for Bankruptcy Protection comes from Hertz, a Car Rental Company that noted their income has dropped below 0%. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic forced […]

Samsung Smartphone Sales Drop During COVID-19

Technology is continuously moving forward, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with global corporations and their products. When innovations are unveiled in this market space, an influx of sales are maintained. Those sales deplete after years of similar products and advertising campaigns. Manufacturers of mobile handsets have begun experiencing this issue in recent years, with […]

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