Child Exposure to Team Sports

Being able to operate successfully within a team is vital in many working conditions but also life. The state of our lives is often influenced by the state in which our relationships are. These can be both personal and professional relationships. Thus it is a great advantage to help our children to grasp and appreciate the value of being part of a team, working towards its success from a young age on. Through exposing young children to team sports, it becomes a part of life for them. All while it harnesses their abundance of energy. The following are some suggestions on how to get children as young as pre-schoolers, involved in team sports.

Many regions are hosting soccer practices for children of the age group 3 – 5 years old. This is a brilliant opportunity to help them with developing not only their motor skills but also in guiding them towards understanding the dynamics within a team. Soccer Shots are focusing on not only developing soccer skills within children but also to aid in character development. Soccer Shots are aimed at children in the age group 2 – 3 years old. Through training these kids in dribbling and other ball skills, their high energy levels are utilized in teaching.

Tee-Ball Leagues

This simplified form of baseball is excellent to teach children as young as four years old great hand-eye coordination. It also exposes them to the discipline required to play within a baseball environment, the basics of baseball, and what is needed from a player to be a valuable contributor to the team.


It might be cold and wet outside, but that doesn’t mean that children have less energy. Basketball for young ones is a great way to keep them busy in winter. Start Smart offers basketball training to children as young as three years old. Not only is it a great way to use their energy, but it is indoors and a brilliant sports environment to teach the fundamentals which are required by an organized and well-prepared basketball team.

YMCA’s Little Dribbler

Some YMCA regions have a specific focus on young players, and they offer a variety of programs aimed at the age group 3- 4 years old. Here these young children are taught the skills of shooting, dribbling and guarding. More important though is that they are prepared to play as part of a much higher unit, to work together and to support each other. Teaching children at such a young age the vital characteristics required within teams, aren’t only helping them to become better in these specific sports, nor is it only concerned with their physical development, but it is excellent in instilling particular characteristics which are vital to becoming a productive member of any group later on in life.