Choosing your First Paintball Gun

Paintball has become a popular choice for team building or corporate events with companies from around the world. There are many different styles of paintball, offering a range of exciting ways to show off your moves and just how accurate you are with a gun. Being on the winning side of a paintball team is a great feeling, but to get there, you might need to invest in your own gear, especially if you’re planning to play more often with friends or even a few people from work who enjoy paintballing more than just a company event.

Why Buy Your Own Gun?

Rental gear is great for those of you who are simply going to be playing for the day and won’t be in need of it in the future. However, if you really had fun playing for the first time (even with rental gear), you might be considering acquiring a kit of your own and getting into playing more often.

It’s really worth getting your own gear if you’re serious about playing as you can keep it in tip-top shape and ensure the gun remains in excellent conditions, which is important. With rental gear, most people done really worry about any damage obtained while playing, which could result in skew barrels, worn out O-rings and much more, meaning it doesn’t matter how good your aim is or how well you play, the paintballs just won’t be going in the direction you want it to go.

With your own gear, you never need to use some old gun that’s out of date while the other people from the company yank out their specialised guns with special triggers and features. If you buy your own, you can use the money you save on rentals to upgrade your gun and get it more accurate and suitable for your game style.

Start with the Basics but Upgradeable

When you start, get a decent paintball gun that’s not going to cost you huge amounts. For example, you’ll find decent started guns for less than $150 band new, which is exactly what you need. When you buy it, it’s perfect to go play a few rounds just the way it is, and it also allows you to choose what features need to be upgraded first.

Be sure to buy a gun that suits the type of paintball you’re interested in as a speed gun won’t really work as well if you’re playing in a field with territorial games. Visit your paintball shop to find out what the best starting guns are for your type of paintball and also ask the salesman how the guns can be upgraded.

You need a gun that can at least change barrels, allow for different hoppers and apply changes to the grips and the trigger. This allows you to go from a basic gun to a highly kitted gun with the best features, which can be added over time. You don’t need to upgrade everything at once but can rather do one section at a time until you get to the ultimate gun you desire.