COVID-19 is Overwhelming the NFL

The coronavirus is creating substantial implications for the National Football League. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell believes that COVID-19 outbreaks wouldn’t occur with minor social distancing measures. Medical evidence indicated that Goodell’s lacklustre attitude would prompt outbreaks, with that having begun earlier in October on the 5th. Multiple teams have seen unexpected outbreaks of the coronavirus. Those include the Jacksonville Jaguars, New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts, and the Atlanta Falcons have experienced an influx of COVID-19 positive infections.

Jacksonville’s Jaguars have become the 4th team infected with a COVID-19 outbreak, announcing two positive tests. Testing was conducted on October 17th & revealed that two practice squad members had contracted the coronavirus. These individuals had likely broken NFL COVID Measures for personal gain. However, details on how infections were ascertained won’t be revealed until “Contact Tracing Data” has been analyzed. Both players have been quarantined for fourteen days & the Jacksonville Jaguars are continuing daily testing of the remaining 51 active players.

Accounting for possible spreading, the Jacksonville Jaguars followed similar protocols to the Indianapolis Colts & New England Patriots. Specific methods from the Atlanta Falcons were also implemented. Practice for October 18th has been cancelled in-similar measures to the Colts & Patriots. However, remote training is being engaged identically to the Falcons. This will enable the remaining 51 active footballers to continue their practice from home-based or quarantine-based locations. It should be mentioned that the Atlanta Falcons have experienced two confirmed infections, with the Indianapolis Colts having four positive tests.

The New England Patriots Outbreak

October 17th marked the date when footballers with the New England Patriots returning to training. This followed after practice was cancelled on October 16th, with team medical personnel learning of another COVID-19 infection. This followed after an initial positive test was revealed last week. It indicates that a minor outbreak of the virus has inflicted one of the NFL’s most prominent teams. Details on their next match aren’t confirmed until testing on October 17th is announced to have no new infections. Under the possibility that additional positive tests are seen, continued delays for the New England Patriots will unfold.