Create An Engaged Team With These Team Building Ideas

New employees in any company are hesitant to work hand-in-hand with others. Inefficiency, miscommunication, and conflicts can occur due to a lack of interaction. It’s for this very reason that team building is an important aspect of any work environment. Team Building is essentially a unique activity performed together by employees to improve bonding and develop trust among each other. It also allows employees to understand how important it is to see the bigger picture and set aside their personal differences. Below, we included some ideas on team building events to keep your employees engaged at all times

Back-to-Back Drawing – Communication Skills

Confusion can be prevented by proper communication. This will also strengthen the bond between the manager and their employees. Back-to-Back drawing shows the importance of communication in the workplace. In this team building exercise, employees pair up and sit back to back. One employee will hold an image, while the second employee gets a paper and a marker. The first employee needs to instruct the second employee to draw the image without the second employee seeing it. At the end of the exercise, all pairs evaluate their drawings to see who provides the closest replica.

5K Charity Run – Stress Reduction and Bonding

Exercise is without a doubt one of the best ideas when it comes to team building. So why not organise a charity run? This is an innovative way to strengthen relationships in the workplace which occurs outside of the workplace as well. Organising a charity run will also allow your organisation to raise awareness for poverty, cancer, or any other cause you choose. In addition, it promotes better health for employees and will reduce stress which will assist in making better decisions at work.

X-Mas Tree Decorating Contest – Sportsmanship and Cooperation

During the festive period, allow your employees to experience a competitive, enjoyable activity by starting a contest to see who can decorate a Christmas tree the best. A contest like this will encourage your employees to use their creative sides to produce a win. With this contest, you can divide your employees into small groups where the winning team will receive free pizza or even a cash reward.

Karaoke Night – Celebrate Differences

When you organise an entertaining karaoke night for your employees, it will allow each staff member to celebrate individuality and give them the opportunity to let loose. Most employees are usually hesitant when it comes to letting their guard down. However, vulnerability isn’t as frightening as one initially believes it to be. Singing with other employees is a fantastic way to hang out as there is no pressure or rules with this team building activity.

Human Shapes – Creativity and Planning

Locate an open space where your employees can gather. You will then need to divide them into small groups where they will be challenged to create words by only using their bodies within a limited time frame. This is a challenging and fast-paced activity where planning is key.