Danielle McEwan

This week saw the finals of the World Women’s Championships at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas. It was with not much surprise that Danielle McEwan, who was the pre-tournament favourite, walked away with the title together with her teammate, Shannon O’Keefe. Tenpin bowling for many is nothing but a fun family activity or an excellent opportunity for team-building exercises. Few are aware of the fact that the first world championship took place in Helsinki in 1954 and that this is a sport which deserves global recognition. In 1954, 58 men representing seven federations from all over the globe took part in this event. For the next couple of events which were held, it was an all-male sport, but since 1963 women participated as well.

This event in 1963 was held in Mexico City. Between 1963 up to 2003 the incident took place every four years, but since then the number of participants grew to such an extent, that two separate events were held for the men’s and women’s divisions. From 2013 onwards, these events were combined every four years again with 36 countries being presented for the men’s side and 36 countries for the women’s team. During 2018, Hong Kong hosted the Men’s World Championships and the Combined World Championships is set to retake place in 2021 in Kuwait, while the recent Women’s World Championships took place in Las Vegas.

The Women’s World Championship

179 Female athletes from 34 countries participated in the event which stretched over about a week. To reach a wider audience for this event, the WTBA signed a deal with Dailymotion, an online video service to allow more supporters to have access to the action. Being the hosting country, the United States had their eye fixed on the gold medal from the start, with their hopes placed on Danielle McEwan. The strongest competitors which she had to face during the championship was Liz Johnson and also then Poland’s Daria Pajak, Clara Guerrero from Colombia and Tannya Roumimper representing Indonesia.

McEwan Delivering On the Hopes of the States

McEwan didn’t fail to deliver on the high hopes which supporters of the United States had. She opened up with a five-bagger and from there went from strength to strength. Therefore she quickly sealed the deal with a victory of 259-193. McEwan commented that throughout the entire championship the goal which she and her teammate O’Keefe set for themselves was to bowl each other to ensure the gold medal. She also stated the ease and comfort with which they played as a team and that the time on the stand was very emotional for both of them. O’Keefe defeated Sandra Andersson from Sweden with 213-183 to reach the finals, while McEwan took the win from Lee Na-Young, playing for South Korea, with a score of 256-173. Both these players received bronze medals for their performance.