Different Sports and the Kinds of Personalities Which It Attracts

The general terms which we use to distinguish people in terms of sports are those who love it and those who hate it. If you consider yourself to be in the last group, then maybe it is time to reconsider. Research has shown that individual sports attract certain kinds of personality types. Because you are convinced that you hate the game, the challenge might be that you haven’t had a hand at the correct sport for your personality type yet. Research has taught us the following guidelines.

The Broad Distinction

Before going into more detail, a high starting point would be to distinguish between introverted people and those more extroverted. Introverted people are often considered to be shy, yet they are, in fact, only more leaning towards being focused on different and the more internal aspects of their lives. Introverts are the ones who get bogged down with mastering precision, concentration, self-motivation and other intricate skills. Hence they strive in excelling individually, and team sports will be highly frustrating to them. You will most likely see introverts excelling at sports like golf, archery and snooker.

Their opposites on the scale are extroverts. These people flourish on external factors influencing their lives. They love excitement, a fast-paced life, being in the presence of others and doing anything which will distract them from delving too deep internally. These often much liked high arousal levels surround people, low concentration requirements, and they prefer more considerable motor skills which require less precision. They excel in team sports: Rugby, soccer and even boxing.

Aggression Levels Is another Contributing Factor

When aggression is controlled, it can be very beneficial in succeeding in the sport you play. The attack can also be distinguished into two different forms. Indirect aggression is when your assault is aimed at an object rather than a person. Objects like golf balls, tennis balls and snooker balls. The player will take out controlled aggression against the purpose to achieve desired results.

Direct aggression is more person-focused and is directed towards someone. When a direct assault isn’t adequately controlled, it can lead to chaos in sports with rules being broken and violence occurring during a game. This sort of aggression entails taking out your anger on someone else within a sensible manner, for example, in rugby, boxing and wrestling. Even when taking out your feelings against someone else as a form of participation, it still needs to be controlled.

Aggression can also lean towards assertiveness in sports which don’t require any levels of contact. Even in this kind of games, controlled assertiveness can be highly beneficial towards your success. Hence based on which type of personality you have or which type of aggression is dominant in your life, you can choose to participate in a sport which is the best fit for you.