Esteban Ocon Creates more Enemies in F1

There’s one driver in the Formula One Paddock that’s known for making enemies and laughing egotistically whenever his actions are questioned. That individual is Esteban Ocon from Renault, a French driver that’s created enemies with teammates & other competitors like Max Verstappen. Multiple occasions saw Esteban Ocon crash into Sergio Perez, his teammate at Racing Point. Questions started arising if the French driver was purposely attacking Perez. Those attacks would end shortly afterwards & move towards Max Verstappen, which the Dutch driver didn’t tolerate. Verstappen would throw Ocon to the ground in Racing Point’s garage years ago, one of the most iconic moments in Formula One.

It now appears that Esteban Ocon is creating more enemies in the Formula One Paddock, with Lando Norris from McLaren Racing being the most recent. Ocon purposely broke FIA Regulation to limit the placement of Norris in qualifying. Instead of obtaining something near P5 to P6, Lando Norris from McLaren will now start the Belgium Grand Prix at P10. This is because of Esteban Ocon purposely slowing down his Renault to illegal speeds.

Ocon made this decision on the longest track in the Formula One 2020 Calendar, with Spa-Francorchamps sustaining a distance of 7.4km. This means that Esteban Ocon couldn’t have any reasonable excuse towards his decision. Throughout the final minutes of Q3 on August 29th, the remaining drivers were bunched together & managed slipstreams under unfavourable conditions. Norris was the exclusive driver not to receive the slipstream because Ocon went nearly into a standstill, forcing Lando to overtake the Renault and lose speed.

Illegal Actions Without Any Penalties

Esteban Ocon implemented this decision to ensure his P6 in Q3, not wanting to lose placement to Lando Norris. The acts committed by the French driver was illegal, and the FIA should’ve forced Ocon to take a “Grid Placement Penalty” for his actions. The FIA Sporting Regulations state that drivers cannot maintain unnecessarily low speeds, which is what Esteban Ocon did. His actions have prompted the French racer to have another enemy in the Formula One Paddock. When questioned on his actions, Ocon believed he’d done nothing wrong until media personnel corrected foolish Esteban.