Facebook Loses Big with Coca-Cola

The Black Lives Matters movement has drastically altered advertising on social media platforms. Residual implications from this international movement are starting to unfold, with multiple corporations moving towards genuine diversity in this workplace. This extends beyond their hired personnel & into the practices engaged when conducting daily business. One corporation implementing strategies for variety is Coca-Cola, who confirmed they’ll suspend all advertisements on social media platforms until August 1st.

This decision from Coca-Cola comes after the #StopHateForProfit movement began on social media. Activists for Black Lives Matters noted that companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google could not claim they stand for this movement if their profiting from the hatred of minorities. When reviewing the business ventures of Facebook, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Twitter, and countless other large-scale corporations, it’s clear that they’ve benefited from systemic racism throughout the decades.

Worldwide people have begun hearing an exceptional level of disturbing stories towards racism, showing that this millennium-long issue is still prevalent in 2020. Companies are continuously pressured by their consumers to implement equality on the systemic levels. These companies immediately respond with positive enforcement, with Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey noting that racism won’t be tolerated on their social media advertisements. The chief executive officer then demanded transparency & accountability from social media corporations like Facebook, which also operates Instagram.

The Facebook Solution

Facebook has responded to corporations & consumers demanding stronger accountability, claiming they’d label harmful posts surrounding racism and insensitivity. Those that make targeted posts towards a Specific Race, National Origin, Ethnicity, Religion Affiliation, Immigration Status, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity will be labelled.

Multiple activists, corporations, and consumers have expressed that this isn’t enough for Facebook to stop intolerance through social media. Social media analysts have recommended the “Three Strike Rule”, which would have intolerant users lose their posting capabilities for 24 hours after a posting was labelled. Their posting privileges would be lost for several days after a second offence, with their own sentiments being deleted. A third offence would prompt that users posting capabilities to permanently be terminated, with their IP Address banned from ever accessing Facebook.

When questions if Facebook would enforce a Three Strike Rule, Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t be found for confirmation. Most have claimed that the Facebook CEO thrives off the political warfare seen on Facebook.