Q. How fast can the kart go?

A. As fast as you can accelerate it! However, the maximum speed will be 50 KMPH

Q. Is there a chance of kart toppling at high speeds?

A. There are no chances of kart toppling at any speeds.

Q. Will I get hurt if another kart bumps into mine at high speed?

A. You will not get hurt and the bumpers would take the impact, however your drive path might get deflected due to the collusion.

Q. I don’t have a Drivers License. Can I Go-kart?

A. You don’t need a drivers License to Kart. Actually you need not know driving even to Kart.

Q. Is there any age limit for participants?

A. No. There will be no age limit fixed for participants. But all the members in the team should be physically fit.

Q. Is the driving on the track Safe enough?

A. Listening carefully to the safety instructions will definitely help you – after all, it’s only five minutes that you need to listen for! Helmets are Mandatory and will be provided for all the participants. The circuits will have safety tyre wall around the track as added protection even if anyone crashes.

Q. What should be the Ideal Apparel to be worn?

A. Gloves are always a good idea, as your hands can get sore from gripping the steering wheel. Moderately loose clothing is always advisable. Trainers are the recommended form of footwear, particularly ones with thin soles. Thick-soled trainers are often frowned upon, as they can be too thick for you properly feel the pedals beneath your feet. As only the slightest touch is often needed to brake or accelerate, thick-soled trainers can really have a negative effect on your driving skills.