Five Steps for Preparing for the New Post-COVID Normal

The world has seen unprecedented change in the wake of the coronavirus. The virus has impacted the lives of virtually everyone, and the new norms continue to see people wearing gloves and masks to help protect and reduce the spreading of the virus. It also includes keeping sanitizer on hand and continues to see people experience extreme stress due to being laid-off, seeing their salaries reduced.

As the new norms become normal, many are looking at ways to prepare sports team member on what will take place going forward and how it will impact games and events. The reality is, change is in the air regardless if you like it or not, but adapting to it quickly will make it less stressful to those involved.

Therefore, to help with this, we have compiled a list of ways to help prepare your sports teams in the new era we all face.

#1. Keep an Open Mind

It is in the best interest of all to keep an open mind while adjusting to the new norms surrounding the coronavirus. It is imperative to take a mindset that expects changes will happen, and adapting to them will make the process easier to manage.

The key for success in this, is not simply rethinking the tools you use, or the goals you have in place, but how you manage them as a whole. By adopting smart processes, you will create a thoughtful and transparent culture that will allow the team to connect and be on the same page.

#2. Consider different scenarios

Considering different scenarios before resuming sports is going to be a critical factor of success. There are many things that must be considered from what is moral drops or could there be an additional crisis in the near future.  Additionally, those in a position of authority need to recognize that restrictions may once again be tightened and that playing in remote areas will help to reduce exposure

Remember, making an assumption is never a good position to take. Study the facts, collect the relevant information and be prepared for what might come, versus only looking at what is happening now.

#3.  Make living environment office friendly 

As most people have taken to working from home employers, need to be mindful of the employees work environment and how it impacts their productivity. The goal is to ensure they are able to work efficiently, and therefore assisting employees financially in creating a positive at-home work environment will pay dividends, both with work assignments, but also when attending corporate sporting events.

Consider providing employees with a home office spending budget to assist them in acquiring the tools needed to improve their home workspace. This can include allowances for new computer equipment to new ergonomic seating comforts and mental and physical well being.