Football Association Sells Broadcasting Rights to Gambling Sites

The development of sports betting has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry for the European Union. However, nobody anticipated that the Football Association would’ve sold their broadcasting rights to several gambling sites. It’s been two years since the association allowed for a limited selection to display their live matchups. This drastically increased live betting with these various sites. Players don’t have to worry about this feature disappearing, as the Football Association confirmed that these contracts had been re-signed.

The immediate backlash to this announcement has affected the Football Association. Governing authorities like the Culture Secretary and business-partners like BBC Sports are demanding that these contracts be reconsidered. BBC Sports expressed their understanding of these broadcasting contracts, but don’t permit money laundering and gambling addictions. The culture secretary isn’t this understanding, threating legal action from the British Government. Unfortunately, this woman isn’t considering the associated cost that would come with breaking several contracts.

The Betting Sites

The several betting sites that have been granted broadcasting rights by the Football Association include the following: Betfair, Bet365, Coral, William Hill, Unibet Ladbrokes and Paddy Power. Last weekend saw more than 20+ matches displayed on these several online sportsbooks. Acquiring the rights to witness these broadcasts meant the immediate deposit or wager from respective players. However, the exposure towards awareness for mental health is growing, which could prompt substantial issues for these betting sites contract renewal in twelve months.

Last weekend marked the beginning of a substantial awareness campaign for mental health in the European Union. Since that campaign began, the announcement that these contracts had been renewed were released. Subsequently, it’s known that the British Government isn’t pleased with the Football Associations decision. Nigel Adams, the Sports Minister for Great Britain, is meeting with the association on January 20th to determine a cause of action. There could be significant punishments coming to the Football Association for their decision, which ultimately promotes mental health decay.

Some are defending the actions of the Football Association. The Betting & Gaming Council Chairmen, Brigid Simmons, expressed that these betting sites didn’t inquire about these broadcasting rights. It was noted that they hadn’t done anything illegal and that their actions shouldn’t be punished going forward. This format of football broadcasting won’t be permitted, with rumours indicating that legislation will force the association to work with national television channels going forward.