Ford Recalls Two Million Vehicles

The Ford Motor Company have proven their manufacturing capabilities to be insufficient again by announcing two million vehicles have been recalled in the United States. This recall applies towards models that had their doors open while the car was in motion. Faulty Door Hinges would decay over thousands of miles, forcing owners to take their Ford’s to dealers.

Most dealers claimed to have located multiple solutions for this problem. Detailed investigations revealed that dealers were falsifying that the door hinges had been fixed, avoiding repercussions from the owner & still receiving payment. Those dealers weren’t named by the Ford Motor Company, with insiders close to corporate expressing that dealerships haven’t been punished for their actions. It’s a standard tactic used by Ford over the last twenty years, with a large percentage of their vehicles having to be recalled.

Fords 2020 Recall applies towards nine models that were continuously released between 2011 & 2016, showing that this auto manufacturer was aware of the faults & didn’t employ new door hinges to avoid future accidents. Those nine models extend to special editions, with that being exclusive to all Mustangs released within this five-year timeframe. Additional models being recalled include the Ford Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, Escape, Lincoln MKZ Sedan, Transit Connect Van, and Lincoln MKC SUVs. This shows that their manufacturing issues extend towards subsidiary brands like Transit Connect & Lincoln.

Decay is prompted by heat, which is unavoidable for the front doors with the engine nearby. The latch will slowly begin to crack & force the locking mechanism to become insufficient. Doors will regularly open during transit, with this apply more during high speeds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of America has multiple accounts of accidents being prompted because of Ford Doors being opened unexpectedly. When questioned if Ford has similar data, PR Representatives refused to provide clarification to their statistics.

Those that believe their Ford’s have been infected by the door hinges have been informed to contact the NHTSA; their claim will be entered into the database. All other consumers are told to drop their respective model to Ford Dealerships, where a proper solution will be provided within thirty days.