Fun Sports Facts to Get Your Teams Going with a Quick Questionnaire

Competition and challenges can break team spirit or be the cause for it to flourish. A fun way to start off with baby step in creating a culture of competing can be with a quick and fun quiz on sports facts. Here are some to get your team’s adrenaline pumping.

Which Sportswear Brand Was Banned From the Olympics?

Just before the Olympics of 2008, Speedo released a new range of swimsuits. They were considered to be great due to their ability to better assist with oxygen flow towards muscles while in a hydrodynamic position. This resulted in 23 swimming records to be broken during the Olympics with 98% of the winners proudly standing in their Speedo swimsuits. This created so much controversy that at the end of that year body-length swimsuits were banned from the Olympics by the International Swimming Federation.

Why Are Tennis Balls Yellow?

White tennis balls have been the norm since 1877. Then it was decided that a brighter color tennis ball needs to be used to ease visibility. Wimbledon was the first to make a yellow tennis ball the standard in tennis and since 1986, it has been the norm.

Who Were the First To Develop Shin Guards?

In modern sports, shin guards are often a vital piece of protective gear which athletes wear on a regular basis, often without even considering that the first use of shin guards was already centuries ago. Thanks to the Ancient Romans and Greeks, athletes are today blessed with the equipment to protect and guard them. Initially worn as battle gear and then adjusted to protect them during sports. The first shin guards were made of bronze or any other hard metal.

How Long Did Adidas Work on Developing the Soccer Ball for the 2014 World Cup?

Long before the kick-off of the 2014 World Cup, Adidas was already excited to start on developing the perfect ball for the occasion. Two and a half years before the World Cup, they already started to develop the ball. The ball ended up representing Brazilian tradition through a multi-colored design. More important though was that the ball was tested by more than 600 players, from 30 teams based in 10 countries to be able to deliver a product of perfection.

How Many Times Can a Basketball Bounce?

Ever thought that while you are just bouncing away on a ball that every bounce is eating away into its lifespan? Spalding basketballs are manufactured of leather material and synthetic rubber. According to them, their basketball is good for 10 000 bounces. Now the question arises of how long does it take to bounce a basketball 10 000 times. On average 4 – 5 years.

What Was Initially Used to String a Tennis Racket?

Ages ago when tennis rackets were first manufactured, the intestine of sheep of goats was used to string them. Intestines are soft and still resilient and it holds tension much better than a lot of other comparative materials. Hence strings could be made tighter for better ball control.