General Electric Disbands Coal-Fired Power Plants

Shocking news has come from the United States, with one of the world’s prominent polluters announcing a green initiative. It was confirmed that General Electric (GE) will terminate a large percentage of their coal-fired power plants, with the remaining being sold to outside sources. This follows after GE revealed a renewable energy initiative to locate alternative fuel sources.

Their decision to reverse their decades-old power plants is drastic for General Electric. It means creating new levels of infrastructure, while employing new personnel & furloughing others. It’s an essential reformatting of their manufacturing process. Their decision also affects President Donald Trump on minor levels, with Trump focusing on the beauty & cleanliness of coal. It’ll enable Presidential Candidate Joe Biden to leverage that large-scale corporations are entering an age of renewable energy, while his opponent wants to remain decades in the past.

The Natural Resources Defence Council clarified that it’s about time that General Electric implemented a renewable energy initiative. It’ll prompt other coal-powered manufacturers to follow suit, with the industry never anticipating this movie. General Electric in 2015, signed an agreement for £10 billion that enabled GE to acquire Alstom Power. That investment will have been negated by their renewable energy initiative. When questioned on their reasoning behind this decision, economics & logistics were quoted by GE representatives.

Employee Insurances

The Senior Vice President of General Electric, Russel Stokes, remarked that GE is continually transforming itself & focusing on the method of power most adopted by Americans. Admittance towards the negative growth trajectory of coal economics was made by GE, indicating their initiative is genuine & not a marketing strategy ploy. Promises were provided to continue assisting customers & providing them insurances that existing plants that maintain cost-effective technologies, will be given prolonged time frames for deconstruction.

There were issued warnings made towards employed personnel at General Electric, informing the management staff that positions would be furloughed & terminated at GE. Loss of jobs will come with the removal of coal-educated employees and hiring of a renewable resource’s expert. GE promised that the overall percentage of their workforce will remain hired-on after the manufacturing changes have been finalized.