George Russell Rumoured to Leave Formula One

Prevalent rumours are circulating the F1 Paddock, suggesting that Sergio Perez could get contracted by Williams Racing. This acquisition would prompt George Russell’s removal from the institution, which has received backlash from Formula One supporters. When questioned about the future of George Russell, Mercedes AMG-Petronas Team Boss noted that what happens next is dependant on Williams & not himself.

Most expected that George Russell leaving Williams Racing would enable his transition to Mercedes AMG-Petronas, which has been rumoured for two seasons. Lewis Hamilton doesn’t hold a contract for the 2021 F1 Campaign, with Valtteri Bottas sustaining another year-long agreement with Mercedes. This could’ve meant that George Russell would replace Hamilton. However, Team Boss Toto Wolff revealing the young driver’s future is dependant on Williams terminates any suggestion of George Russell moving to Mercedes for 2021.

It was confirmed in July 2020 that Russel would maintain the 3rd year with Williams Racing for 2021. However, that contract agreement was approved before Dorilton Capital purchased Williams Racing in September. This means both Nicholas Latifi & George Russel are susceptible to losing their positions with Williams for 2021. It’s unlikely that Nicholas Latifi is being forced out after bringing $30 Million to the motorsport organization in 2020.

George Russell doesn’t maintain any financial backing towards his driver contract, meaning that there aren’t any sponsors associated to Russell. Sergio Perez is drastically different with his sponsors bringing millions to whichever team the Mexican is contracted to. Considering that Dorilton Capital purchased Williams Racing while financial losses burdened the motorsport organization, it’s not surprising that they’d want to return on their investment sooner than later. Acquiring Sergio Perez gives Dorilton Capital the additional financial backing needed to sustain a formidable car in 2022.

Russell Confident in 2021 Contract

When questioned about his future with Williams Racing, George Russell clarified that he doesn’t have any concerns about losing his placement. That might’ve differed hours later after Dorilton Capital Chairman Matthew Savage refused to confirm if Russell will remain at Williams. That lack of confirmation will be drastically concerning for the young driver, who has the skillsets needed to rival Lewis Hamilton & Sebastian Vettel. All that’s required if a vehicle more formidable than what Williams has to offer.