Heineken Sports Sponsorship Reports Released

Heineken is the largest supplier and manufacturer of beer worldwide. They are also one of the largest sponsors for sporting events. Today, the brewery corporation revealed its sporting sponsorship reports until 2024. The first major announcement in the reports is that Heineken will now sponsor the Euro 2020 Games, acting as the official beverage for the sporting event. Analyzing the report, Heineken will continue to sponsor the UEFA Championship League until 2024. This would make their partnership longer than 30+ years.

The full demographic of Heineken’s Sponsorship Portfolio is extensive. They’ve supported the Rugby World Cup, Major League Soccer, Formula One, Formula E, the Premier League and many other sporting organizations that range from local to international. It’s estimated that Heineken spends more than $118.3 Million on advertising through sports sponsorships yearly. This is one of the highest advertisement costs for any corporation globally but doesn’t come without its financial returns.

Heineken’s Benefits

The Global Sponsorship Director for Heineken, Hans Erik, noted in the report to investors that these new sponsorships will have lasting effects for Heineken that exceed past the confines of the European Continent. This deal means that Carlsberg, the former sponsor for the EuroGames, cannot advertise on any level with the 2020 European Games. Included with this deal for Heineken is the right to sell alcohol in stadiums, villages and fan zones through giant advertisements.

Heineken also gets a singular ambassador for their product lineups during the Euro 2020 Games. The European Championship and Champion League star, Thierry Henry, has become the ambassador of Heineken. He will now act as an ideal public figure, assisting Heineken in selling their beer over the two-week event.

The Euro 2020 Games

This is the 60th year that the European Games has been hosted. In 2020 the competition will be held in twelve cities across the European Union. Those include Budapest, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Baku, Copenhagen, Bucharest, Glasgow, Dublin, Munich, London, Petersburg and Rome.

Those who haven’t ever watched the European Games can anticipate the best athletes from the continents most beloved sports participating in ferocious battles. Sports like Cricket, Football and Hockey, are maintained through the Euro 2020 Games. All attendees can purchase Heineken at the upcoming games or become a VIP Member to receive exclusive deals at the stadiums and villages. The Euro 2020 Games will be hosted by SkySports and the Eurosport 1 Broadcast Channel. This will be the first time the games are filmed in 4K.