How To Get Sponsored in Sports

Sponsorships in professional sports is a highly established practice. There’s no doubt that you have seen its presence in the form of brand names on various uniforms of player’s. Rather that be in motor racing, football, or soccer. You will also find it on the ever-changing banners in sports stadiums.

There are also advertisements before, during, and after every match or game. You can even find stadiums that are named after a sponsor. Thankfully, you don’t need to be the best to receive a sponsorship deal for your team or even for yourself. Even those playing in lower leagues will be able to locate a sponsorship deal, and we are here to show you how.

What is Sponsorship?

On a genuinely simple level, sponsorship means obtaining assistance for your team or yourself in the form of services, goods, and money. Even though it might sound like donations, it’s not. The primary difference is that sponsorship deals are not considered a one-way street. Instead, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership between the recipient and the sponsor.

Sponsorship Benefits

What you or your team receives out of a sponsorship deal is rather apparent: material assistance, goods, and money. Sponsors will usually contribute financial means which you can use for equipment, travel costs, and uniforms among other things. Sponsors will even be able to donate those necessary materials directly. For instance, if a sporting goods store sponsors you.

Other sponsors will be able to donate refreshments during an event or will be able to provide their services to you. For instance, a bus company transporting you or your team to away games. This sound incredible. However, it’s not only about getting things you want from a sponsor but also giving back.

Sponsor Benefits

For sponsors, this is necessarily a marketing investment. Sponsors that sponsor an event or team will give them loads of positive exposure. This will lead to an increase in sales and customer loyalty. Sponsorship not only works for huge corporations as local and small shops will also be able to benefit from this as a marketing tool to improve their business.

How to Obtain a Sponsorship

Now that you understand the difference between a sponsorship deal and a sponsor, it’s time to discuss how to get a sponsorship deal for you or your team. You will necessarily need to assign a point person to take charge. They will need to locate a corporate sponsor for you or your organisation. Secondly, you will need to identify what you can offer and what your needs are.

Ask yourself, what do I need? Transportation? New uniforms? Money for travelling? It’s much easier to obtain a sponsorship deal when you can tell organisations what you need. You will also need to determine where the sponsor’s logo or brand name will be advertised. Some great examples include a logo on a team jersey, banners on a pool, home court, or even a field, etc.