Improve Your Battling Skills Ahead of a Corporate Cricket Match

Over the years, cricket has seen a decent dose of sensational batsmen, ranging from Ricky Ponting to Brain Lara. These incredible batsmen have managed to capture our imaginations and encouraged those that are interested in cricket to further pursue the sport.

The most vital aspect in cricket is without a doubt batting. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn and understand how to bat correctly as you will need to execute tough shots in order to score loads of runs. It’s for this reason that we decided to give you a few pointers to improve your technique when it comes to batting which will certainly come in handy during your next corporate cricket match.


There are multiple stances that you can incorporate in cricket when it comes to being a batsman, and the most popular of them is undoubtedly the side-on stance which is used by most batsman. However, regardless of the stance, a cricket batsman decided to employ, it’s vitally important to make sure the stance you go with offers stability as this will ensure that you execute accurate shots with a good amount of power and strength.

Each batsman is required to have their feet position shoulder width apart which can be achieved with one foot on the crease or with both feet positioned on either side of the crease. Furthermore, when its time for you to bat, ensure that your knees are slightly bent as this will make sure that you can instantly transfer the weight to your back or front foot in relation to the direction and speed of the ball.


An excellent grip is crucial for a batsman to successfully execute a variety of shots, regardless if they are finesse, power, or pace. You will also need to keep in mind how you grip the bat as this will greatly depend on your dominant hand. For example, a right-handed batsman will have his left hand on top as he/she grips the handle and for a left-handed batsman, it will be the other way around.

Once you know how to hold the bat, you will need to position your hands into a V shape by holding your hands together on the cricket handle. This can be achieved with the top hand having a tighter grip, while the palm of the lower positioned hand is facing the wicket keeper.


Once you achieved a good grip and a stable stance, all your attention needs to be focused on the bowler while your eyes stay fixed on the oncoming ball. Its advisable to lift the bat from the ground once the bowler makes his approach. A good batsman will perform a backlift once the bowler is in action which will help in judging how to react to the oncoming ball by either blocking or taking a good shot. A backlift position can be achieved by holding the cricket bat at an angle. Ensure that you keep your elbows bent during a backlift as well.