Manager of F1 Pirelli Contracts Covid-19

International sporting institutions have struggled to eliminate Covid-19 from their respective camps, prompting outbreaks amongst employed personnel. Teams operation in Formula One have experienced minimal infection, with two drivers being infected & less than fifty sport-wide being confirmed positive. Considering that thousands work together to create a Formula One weekend, it’s shocking that more significant outbreaks haven’t been sustained. There are few infections announced per week if none whatsoever. Unfortunately, Pirelli Motorsports had to announced that their “F1 Boss Mario Isola” had contracted Covid-19 while visiting Turkey for the Turkish GP.

Healthcare workers employed by Formula One conducted a PCR-Covid Test on Mario Isola, which revealed a positive infection hours before the Turkish Grand Prix was slated to begin. Without this test, Mario would have walked the grid before the race start & infected dozens along the way. Healthcare workers informed Mario Isola that immediate isolation was required & that when permitted, he’d be moved to a designated quarantine zone. It’s expected that Mario Isola won’t return to his duties until the 2nd-last race of this year. Mario will remain quarantined until December 1st, missing Bahrain GP on November 29th.

An official statement was issued by Pirelli, which confirmed that Mario Isola tested positive on November 15th for the coronavirus. The statement clarified that Pirelli’s Boss is experiencing Asymptomatic conditions & is expected to recover fully before seasons end. Details also expressed that close-contact with Mario Isola isn’t being permitted until a negative PCR-Covid Test is seen.

Driver Infections

Those familiar with Formula One know that Lance Stroll & Sergio Perez from Racing Point contracted Covid-19. Lawrence Stroll (Team owner and father to Lance Stroll) also contracted the virus. Mercedes AMG-Petronas have also barred witness to multiple members becoming infected. Every team in Formula One confirmed they’d experienced one or more infections for coronavirus.