McLaren Racing’s Infrastructure Needs Updating

Supporters behind McLaren Racing were given a reality check on December 20th. Team Principal Andrea Seidl confirmed that outdated infrastructures are being sustain in McLaren’s manufacturing facility, when compared to Mercedes AMG-Petronas’s facilities. No outfit in Formula One maintains manufacturing & production similar to Mercedes, which enables the German outfit to continually acquire championship status. Seidl noted that McLaren Racing hasn’t the facilities available to Red Bull Racing either, creating a disposition which enables a maximum placement of P3 in the constructor’s championship.

Andreas Seidl provided hope to supporters, with financial revenue earned by McLaren Racing in 2020 being exceptional. The same day that P3 in the constructor’s championship was acquired by McLaren, they’d sign a partnership with an American investment firm. Funds towards development are higher than what’s been witnessed in years, enabling continued enhancements to the teams manufacturing facilities in Great Britain. Confirmed updates coming for McLaren include an updated wind tunnel, simulator facility, and simulation program. Acquiring these enhancements can allow McLaren Racing to rival Red Bull & Mercedes by 2024 to 2025.

The Long Wait for Championship Success

McLaren’s Team Principal clarified that obtaining those upgrades requires time, with engineers having to assess the specific components needed for future car development. Andreas Seidl mentioned that McLaren Racing will battle with Alpine Racing, Scuderia Ferrari, and Alpha Tauri for third in the constructor’s championship for 2021. Emphasis was given by Seidl that restrictions on development are prompting the continued fight for 3rd. Development could be enhanced tenfold if the “Formula International Association” weren’t requiring teams to sustain identical vehicles from 2020 into 2021.

Andreas Seidl confirmed that strategic advancements to launch manufacturing upgrades have begun, with £185 Million being awarded to McLaren Racing through their American investment firm, MPS Sports Capital. Continued finances will be issued to McLaren to guarantee developmental growth is sustained. Regardless, next season will excite supporters of McLaren with the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo & return of Lando Norris. Carlos Sainz is leaving the outfit for Scuderia Ferrari in 2021.