Most Amazing Go Kart Tracks for Corporate Events

Getting in a go-kart and making your way through the track is extremely exciting, especially with a few friends or work colleagues. However, it’s important to try new tracks from time to time, not only does it make it more challenging, but it pushes you to new limits.

Luckily, there are many tracks to choose from, each offering its own unique corners, features and racing experience. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the tracks you’ve simply got to visit!

Lydd Kart Circuit

The Lydd Kart Circuit is one of the best and most recommended circuits in the world and is actually used by many professional racers as a place to practice. It provides an outdoor racing experience with 1.2 miles of track, offering a broad track where drivers and change themselves to finding the very best entrance and exit to each corner. It is a rather fast track that delivers an exciting experience for all racing levels. The track also plays host to six of the biggest go karting events each year, making it a popular choice for both racers and spectators.

Monticello Karting

Monticello Karting has to be one of the most exciting go-kart tracks in the world. It’s actually really simple but offers a huge track with various twists and bends that change each aspect of your driving skills. Much like a Formula 1 track, the Pablo Montoya track comes as professional as you get. The wideness allows drivers to take various entrances and exits into and out of each corner, making a big race event very exciting. It’s just over a mile long and includes 19 corners, including long bends, and the fast 90 degree turns where overtaking is a favourite.


As the biggest in-door go-karting track in the world, you simply can’t go wrong with a visit to Naskart. The race track doesn’t only provide an exciting half-mile race experience but also includes some technical corners that put all your skills to the test. Based on a professional racing circuit, it gives you everything from banked corners through to bridges and more. It also offers some of the fastest karts, thanks to both electric and motorised options.

Dubai Autodrome

It is no surprise that Dubai has one of the best race tracks, especially not when you consider all the other incredible constructions and technology the country has to offer. Dubai Autodrome has a lot to offer, including a professional pit-stop section and it’s become known as one of the fastest international tracks, making it attractive for everyone, including go-kart enthusiasts and professionals. The racing destination is available in both an indoor and outdoor option, allowing everyone to race the way they want.

Race Planet Delft

This Netherlands go-kart race track offers one of the most exciting in-door racing experiences with multiple levels, which introduces some exciting climbs and drops as you race against others. There are actually two tracks at the location, which is combined into one massive racing platform on Fridays, making each race take 15 minutes, which as some would know is quite long.