Next-Generation Chevrolet Impala Coming to Oshawa

Citizens in Oshawa, Ontario in Canada were thrilled to learn that General Motors is investing $68 million towards a new assembly plant. This new facility will manufacturer to Chevy Impala throughout the next ten to twenty years. General Motors made the confirmation on this investment of Canada, which secures an additional 350 jobs in this region. Concerns that currently employed individuals at the Oshawa Plant would be terminated were prevalent throughout 2018-19. These employees were provided insurances that the Cadillac XTS would be manufactured at the Oshawa Plant following 2020, which includes an additional $117 million to create the other production line. Four hundred employed citizens of Oshawa kept their jobs following this announcement.

The next-generation Chevrolet Impala won’t come until 2021, with it slated to be manufactured in both Oshawa and Detroit. Representatives from the General Motors Company of Canada ensured their commitment towards the Oshawa region, indicating that the international version of this corporation is flexible with manufacturing agreements. It’ll mean a continued workforce in the Oshawa region, which relies heavily on this operating plant at 70% of the local workforce.

GM History in Canada

General Motors International mentioned to reporters that the Canadian Region would play a significant role in the future of their corporation. Capacity increases for product launches are forcing the highest manufacturing percentages from General Motors, which indicates the potential for newer plants to be built in Ontario. This announcement was confirmed with the Canadian Auto Workers Association and Ontario’s Economic Development-Innovation Minister.

It should be noted that General Motors has struggled for a prolonged period in the North American auto sector. Analysts believe that this investment into Canada follows after the Conservative Government bailed out General Motors Company for $10.8 billion. However, ten thousand citizens in Canada are employed by this company. Losing their business would be detrimental to the Canadian financial ecosystem.

Additional vehicles that are manufacturers at the Oshawa General Motors Production Facility include the Chevrolet Camaro Convertible, Buick Regal and Chevrolet Equinox. Employees at this facility are responsible for five models, with the Chevy Impala and Cadillac XTS joining the family.