NFL Coaches and Team Building

Offseason practices provide the perfect opportunity for teams to ensure that their rookies fully understand how to get through an NFL practice session and it provides the perfect opportunity to ensure that the veterans are able to maintain the necessary skills to keep their play at an acceptable level. However, seeing as there are only 13 offseason practice sessions, most coaches prefer to use the time in a fun and entertaining way as opposed to grinding the team during practices on the field.

NFL Teams and Team Building

Mike McCarthy, the head coach for the Green Bay Packers, decided to cancel practice earlier this year and instead decided to make it a team-building exercise that he chose to keep a secret from his team and reporters. In the past, the Green Bay Packers have enjoyed clay shooting and managed to play dodgeball as team building exercises. McCarthy is not the only head coach that uses his practice time off the field.

Mike Tomlin, the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, takes his team to Dave and Buster’s on an annual basis to boost team spirit. The Miami Dolphins have also played kickball in the past, while the Seattle Seahawks spent a day away from the field to enjoy a brand-new movie release after they enjoyed some time off in Hawaii.

Mike McCarthy recently discussed the value and importance of team building with his squad. “To me, players lose and players win,” McCarthy stated. “My players receive loads of opportunities to sit next to someone that they have never had a conversation with and this is culture in my eyes. It’s essentially all about the development of binding between coaches and players as well as the support staff. This is extremely important for me.”

Ben Roethlisberger, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been enjoying the annual trip to the famous Dave and Buster’s restaurant for several years. In a recent interview, Roethlisberger explained how team building improves the overall culture and bonding of the team which gives both the coaches and players the perfect opportunity to be around other players and speak with them that they don’t frequently get the chance to interact with.

“Mike Tomlin provides us with the opportunity to get closer as a team,” Roethlisberger stated. “Different groups get together when we go for team building. For instance, the offensive line will hang out with the defensive backs, which doesn’t usually happen on field. He allows us to mingle with other team members to ensure the team leaves as a solid unit before we return to practice.”

The Success Rate of Team Building in the NFL

It’s quite impossible to determine how these team building exercises translate to success when it comes to games. However, they are unique strategies that some of the best coaches in the NFL continuously use to improve their teams. NFL teams like the Patriots, Seahawks, and Packers that managed to find an abundance of success can be quite intimidating for rookies and newcomers, so team-building is the perfect way for them to feel welcomed.