OKTA Survey Reveals 2020 Corporate Giants

The OKTA Company, a software firm that provides services to large-scale corporations, completed an extensive survey for the 2020 corporate market. This survey collected retail and managing data, determining who the largest corporations are coming into the new decade. The most popular services used today include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce. Similar results have been seen for the last several years. Competition could follow shortly for these large-scale corporations, with data management programs quickly gaining popularity. Those include Atlassian and Snowflake, who already hold contracts under the Google Cloud.

This survey also indicated that most consumers have switched over to monthly-subscription models with various applications. Instead of providing a substantial lump sum payment of $300.00 or more, consumers decide to spend $15 to $30 monthly for these multiple services. This has become the mainstream form of consumer products like Microsoft Word or Excel. Corporate applications are becoming more popular amongst office-based businesses as well. These services are used to train employees on various tasks, with large portions of these apps being offered through the Google Cloud. Subsequently, Google Corporation stands as the highest-rated and most used brand worldwide.

Amazon Competing Against Google

Amazon’s Web Services are quickly gaining popularity and competing against Google Cloud. Most international businesses backed out of North America maintain the AWS System throughout 2020, as it provided their clients with analytic data. These cloud-based services are considerably less expensive than Google’s, which is causing numerous companies and individuals to operate switch over. Throughout the 2019 fiscal year, Amazon saw a 36% conversion rate to their services. It’s suspected that by 2021, the Amazon Corporation will have defeated Google.

Other startup companies are beginning to gain popularity amongst office-based businesses. That includes Zoom, a video-conferencing application that has quickly defeated Skype and Slack. Last year it was ranked the 7th most popular application for United States-based corporations. It’s expected to reach the 5th placement by years-end. Subsequently, Zoom is the fastest-growing application in the United States. It should be noted that this information was collected via several thousand customers using OKTA Software.