Paintball Tips for Beginners

Challenging your co-workers to a game of paintball is an action-packed experience that you won’t easily forget. However, if you are new to the sport, you might be at a huge disadvantage when going up against co-workers that have experienced it before. To successfully level the playing field, we included a few tried and tested strategies and tips to transform you from a rookie to a paintball commando.

Don’t be scared of the paintball

Getting shot with a paintball hurts far less than you would expect. Obviously, it will sting and leave a small mark, but a few moments later you won’t even feel it. Most new players are completely scared about getting hit and will spend most of their time hiding behind an obstacle. Not only is this a poor way to avoid getting it, but you also won’t enjoy your first experience either.
This is because more experienced players continuously move around which will put you at a huge disadvantage. Rather move around constantly and embrace the pain, its only paint after all.
Always Keep your mask on

We cannot stress enough how important this rule is when it comes to paintballing. Ensuring your mask is always on is the best way to enjoy your first paintball experience as you’ll be safe at all times in the paintball zone.

Never give away your position

The guns used in paintball are quite loud when you fire them, so when you do fire a shot, don’t be overly surprised when paintballs come flying your way. There are usually only three reasons to fire a shot:

1. You see your opponent and know you have a great change of tagging them.
2. Your opponent is behind cover, and you would like to keep them there by firing a hail of paint while your teammate moves into a new position.
3. You want to test your trigger prior to the game to ensure it works properly.

There’s no need to waste paintballs when your opponent is too deep or too far away. Rather stay quiet and move quickly until you are in a better position.
An important advantage is spotting your opponent

The golden rule in a game of paintball is: If you can’t see your opponent, you can’t beat your opponent. Most new players tend to keep their heads down. However, this is a dangerous tactic as enemies can easily surround you before you can actually respond. Always remember to scan the field rather quickly and identify each enemy while looking for strategic positions. You will ideally need to do this within 3 seconds.

Don’t expose too much of your body

When you decide to pop out of cover, expose as little of yourself as possible. Preferably just enough to see your opponent and fire. If you want to move to a better position, lay down some fire while running and stay as low as possible to avoid being an easy target.