Roll Up The Rim Cancelled

The Tim Hortons Company is once again facing backlash, which has become the norm since Burger King Ltd purchased this coffee-chain last year. The most recent backlash surrounds the “Roll Up The Rim” contest, which is now being cancelled because of the coronavirus. Somehow these representatives believe that consumers share their coffee beverages while the competition is active, but not any other time during the year. It’s prompted business analysts in Canada to question the real motives behind this decision, which we discuss down below. Going forward this coffee-chain will now provide any of the paper cups created for this contest.

The official statement from the Tim Hortons Company expresses that COVID-19 is the catalyst behind their decision. Representatives believe that public health laws are forcing them to limit their team members exposure to the public. Under this condition that Tim Hortons Company should shut down their indoor locations, with Drive-Thrus being the only supported aspect of this business until the outbreak is defeated. Considering that this decision hasn’t been made, business analysts are once again claiming this cancellation was made with secret motives intact. Going forward, the Tim Hortons Company will keep the $30 million in prizes and giveaways for corporate members exclusively.

When it applies to the proper steps being taken to limit exposure, it’s McDonald’s Canada Co that has implemented the most prominent strategies. This includes not accepting the reusable mugs that are sold in-store, with potential germs from these mugs being spread to employees. Those same germs could then be spread to other consumers that enter this restaurant chain. It should be noted that Canada’s rate of infected stands at fifty-seven as of March 9th. Since McDonalds’ Canada Co made this decision, other coffee chains like “The Second Cup” and “Starbucks” have implemented similar strategies to limited exposure.

The Real Reason

There’s a secret reason behind the Tim Hortons Companies decision, with concerns for public health being a direct lie to consumers. This coffee-chain has faced severe backlash for altering the way that “Roll Up The Rim” is played throughout Canada. The Roll-Up, The Rim Cups, would be available to consumers for two weeks, with the remaining six weeks of this competition open through their application. It would mean creating accounts with Tim Hortons, which Canadian consumers haven’t been willing to accomplish.