Russian Sporting Bans Continue

The “Court of Arbitration for Sports” released an expected announcement regarding Russia. Considering the governor of international sports, clarification was given that the communist nation of Russia will sustain their ban from competition until 2021. This announcement was issued after inside reports suggested Russia would receive another sentence-halving, with the nations initial sentencing for an international sporting ban listed at four years. That sentence was decreased to two years, with recent reports suggesting it’d be decreased by another twelve months. It would’ve meant that Russia could compete by January 2021.

An international sporting ban against Russia was sustained after evidence proved the communist nation was supporting athletes with state-run steroids. When CAS learned that Russia was actively doping their international athletes, an immediate ban went into effect. CAS reiterated the ban wouldn’t be lifted & Russia still isn’t permitted in competing at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

International sporting bans against Russia has angered President Vladimir Putin, who’s regularly disputed the legislative orders issued by CAS. Vladimir became volatile after learning Russia wouldn’t be permitted from competing at the 2021 Summer Olympics & 2022 Winter Olympics. Athletic personalities born in Russia and residing in other nations are permitted to compete under neutral flags, permitting there isn’t any connection between themselves & the Russian Doping Scandal.

No Russians Allowed in International Bars

The World Anti-Doping Agency was first to uncover evidence that Russia had supported athletic personalities with steroids. That information was given to CAS, with a ruling given weeks later that noted all world championship venues are eliminated from Russian contention. Russian civilians are also banned from entering bars & clubs during world championship events. It’s that legislative order which prompted retaliation from the Russian government. Some speculate that President Vladimir Putin will order state-employed hackers to target the 2021 Summer Olympics & 2022 Winter Olympics. Russia isn’t permitted to compete internationally until December 21st, 2022.