Safety during Some Serious Paintball Action

Paintball is often associated with tremendous and thrilling group fun, team building and even bachelor parties. Due to the nature of the sport, safety is of utmost concern. Hence some tips on ensuring your safety during the clash when you are a newbie playing for the first time.

Tops or Tees

Wear clothing in which you are comfortable. You shouldn’t mind getting it dirty, and if it provides some protection as well, then it is a bonus. Whenever you are playing, you need to feel secure in what you are wearing. Otherwise, your clothing is going to hold you back. Wear a long sleeve shirt to protect your arms. If it is colder outside, you can opt for a hoodie; otherwise, a long sleeve t-shirt should be beautiful. Keep in mind that you will be running quite a bit and it bound to get hot during combat and might want to get rid of some layers. Go for darker colours, since remaining unseen is part of your strategy. Don’t layer so much that movement becomes restricted.

Head Protection

A paintball against your skull hurts. Wear some light head coverage, which will help to soften the blow. Unless it is freezing outside, beanies might be too warm and believing that the thicker material will provide more protection isn’t the case. A baseball cap should be the most natural solution.


When it is cold outside, don’t be convinced that thick winter gloves are the way to go. They are uncomfortable and will slow you down. You need to have full control over your hands and fingers. Settle for thinner options which still allows for ease of use and provide a little bit of protection against your skin.

Jeans Is a Go

A good old pair of comfortable jeans which you don’t care to mess up is probably your best solution. Sweatpants might just be soaking up to much sweat, while jeans and even a sharp pair of cargo pants will be tight and protective. The two key factors coming to pants is durability and comfort, and an added feature is to be able to blend in with darker colours.


Sneakers might provide speed when you are on a track, but with paintball, you are probably going to be running around in the forest or much rougher terrain. You need to have proper ankle support, which is not usually supplied by sneakers, causing an unnecessarily high amount of sprained ankles. Proper boots like safety boots are a great choice to keep your ankles supported, your feet dry and allowing you to be part of the non-stop action on any terrain.

Eye Safety

When you are a first-time player, the odds are excellent that you will be supplied of the proper head mask when you arrive at the field. When you develop a severe interest in the sport, there are a variety of options when buying your mask. The golden rule is never to take off your mask unless you are in the safe zone.