Samsung Smartphone Sales Drop During COVID-19

Technology is continuously moving forward, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with global corporations and their products. When innovations are unveiled in this market space, an influx of sales are maintained. Those sales deplete after years of similar products and advertising campaigns. Manufacturers of mobile handsets have begun experiencing this issue in recent years, with Samsung experiencing decreasing sales since 2014. It’s the year that Samsung released the Galaxy S4, which would be sold to 80+ million civilians worldwide. It’s considered the highest-selling smartphone in Android’s history.

Samsung has found it challenging to overcome peaked sales with the S4 Model. Their sales immediately were cut in half with the Galaxy S5, selling roughly 40+ million units globally. When you look towards their more recent lineups with the S10 Series, 36 Million Units were sold. It should be noted that this Series compiled four handsets into a combined sales valuation. Mobile handset analysts claim that the extensive costs associated with purchasing Samsung’s newest handsets outweigh the consumer’s needs. It’s what’s causing the general decline in sale valuations.

Lowered Sales

The COVID-19 Pandemic has drastically infected Samsung, with analytic firms showing statistics that revealed sales have dropped by 80% for this electronics conglomerate. This applies exclusively with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, which has barely sold more than one million handsets in North America. Some are reporting that declining sales have followed after Samsung hasn’t updated their lineup. However, all smartphone manufacturers are experiencing lowered sales amidst the novel coronavirus.

Sales for the Samsung S30 Lineup will return to the 35-40 Million valuations, pending the COVID-19 pandemic has concluded worldwide. This brand of smartphones won’t fail under prolonged pressure, with the Galaxy Series considered the most premium of Android. Their phones maintain similarities to Apples, with more features and customization options. It wouldn’t hurt for Samsung to rebrand their initial lineup of smartphones, switching over to a modernized name that reattracts old customers.
Samsung, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Costco are all selling the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series for lowered prices amidst the coronavirus. Those wanting one of these handsets are recommended to select one of these retailers.