Scuderia Ferrari Transfer Head Engineer to Haas

Technical leadership with Scuderia Ferrari has been altered, with the corporate division of this auto-manufacturer demanding outstanding results from F1 Team Boss Mattia Binotto. This follows after the Formula One division of Scuderia Ferrari has performed horrendously throughout 2020. Multiple individuals that held prominent roles have been terminated or transferred to subsidiary teams.

Mattia Binotto announced alterations in technical leadership. The Head of Chassis Engineering is leaving Scuderia Ferrari for Haas. Simone Resta has been transferred, marking an end to an influential era. Shock weighed the paddock after learning that Simone Resta is being demoted from Ferrari to Haas, with his namesake holding prominence across Formula One.

Simone Resta sustains an influential career in the technical leadership of Formula One, beginning his career in 2001. Promotional opportunities were given to Resta for his continued display of professionalism & car development. Thirteen years after joining Scuderia Ferrari, Simone Resta became Chief Designer until 2018. An opportunity with Alfa Romeo to become Technical Director was offered to Resta, prompting his one season removal from the prancing horses.

Technical leadership have rumoured to struggle with Team Boss Mattia Binotto, the individual blamed for Scuderi Ferrari’s apparent decline in F1. Transferring of Simone Resta likely follows internal disputes with Binotto & enables Scuderi Ferrari to strengthen their relationship with Haas. Resta proved his loyalty to the brand by remaining with a subsidiary team of Ferrari.

Chief Designer Resta

Simone Resta now helms the position of Haas Chief Designer, meaning he’ll become responsible for creating vehicles for the subsidiary motorsport team. Resta is known to develop & manufacturer cars with prominent downforce, giving ample opportunity for Haas to rise their grid positioning. Haas is electing two new drivers for 2021, with Mick Schumacher & Nikita Mazepin joining the ranks of F1. Combining these attributes could enable Haas to reach championship contention in Formula One & acquire their first podium position in years.