Sebastian Vettel is Committed to Racing Point

An era between driver & team is ending come 2021, with Sebastian Vettel announced to be leaving Scuderia Ferrari after this year. Vettel will change teams for the 3rd time in his career, joining Aston Martin Racing. It’ll be a meaningful change that could see Sebastian Vettel lead a prominent team in Formula One’s future. Aston Martin is similar to Ferrari, sustaining decades of history in auto-manufacturing.

Aston Martin’s presence throughout motorsports has been pivotal similar to Scuderi Ferrari, albeit in different leagues. That could change with their entrance in Formula One & Sebastian Vettel could be the influence needed to sustain immediate results. Considering that Vettel is a four-time F1 champion, and statistically the 3rd greatest driver in F1 history, providing Sebastian a better vehicle could evoke better results.

Motorsport reporters have begun question, Sebastian Vettel, on his final weeks with Scuderia Ferrari, with five races remaining for 2020. The German explained that for the remainder of this year & his career moving forward, his efforts would be thrown towards Aston Martin. It means that Vettel has mentally retired from Scuderia Ferrari already.

Aston Martin Racing is joining Formula One under the rebranding of “Racing Point”, which currently employs Sergio Perez & Lance Stroll. Perez has terminated three Grand Prix’s ago in September 2020. It means that Sebastian Vettel will partner with Lance Stroll, one of the worst drivers seen in Formula One. Germany’s four-time champion will assist Lawrence Stroll will training his son, Lance, into a better driver. This will be one of many tasks given to Vettel in 2021. It’s for this reason & numerous others that Vettel has confirmed he’ll dedicate himself entirely towards the Aston Martin project.

Goodbye to Ferrari

When questioned if he’ll miss his six seasons with Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel mentioned that sadness would be felt towards those friends lost. Vettel also said he’d miss the original spirit of Scuderia Ferrari, a direct emphasis to the time before Mattia Binotto. It’s because of Mattia Binotto that Sebastian Vettel is likely leaving Scuderia Ferrari. The two men were known for sustaining internal battles, which grew even worse when Charles Leclerc was contracted. Binotto has actively sabotaged Vettel since their relationship grew worse.