Some Weird and Wonderful Sporting Activities

Sports bring people together; it builds perseverance and character. Games have been used for ages to compete, to enjoy, to create camaraderie and to entertain. Sports are often used to get people to work together, to have fun and to build secure networks. Not everyone is, however athletically inclined and not all walking among us in our office spaces, our corporate teams or our systems are sportsmen or women. Therefore let’s discuss some less athletic activities which might come in handy for your next office teambuilding session and are still considered to be a sport.

Cheese Rolling

In a small village near Gloucester in England called Cooper’s Hill, they host an annual event which is considered to be world-famous. Considering that winners in the past of this sporting event are from places all over the globe like Nepal, the US and New Zealand, it has to be true. The rules are relatively simple and go like this. A 7-9 pounds round Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down a steep hill, and then the competitors run down the mountain and the first person at the bottom wins the cheese. Often competitors aim to catch the cheese on its way downhill, but the cheese does have a head start of one second and often reaches a speed of 70mph so it can become a matter of safety concern. Hence in 2013, the actual cheese was replaced with a foam replica, while the winner still gets the real cheese.

Toe Wrestling

This sounds like an excellent excuse for a pedicure, but indeed it is a sport developed in Staffordshire in 1974, in a pub by four drinkers. In this sport, opponents need to lock their feet and pin each other’s foot down. It is played with bare feet, and it is considered good manners to take your opponent’s shoes and sock off for them. It is much like arm wrestling, and there is no time frame in which this must be completed. The sport has a trophy and also had a world champion of Canadian descent. Although it disappeared for a while, this sport is catching up on popularity again, and the rights to Toe Wrestling was bought in 2018 by Ben Woodroffe and Alan Nash. Their goal is to increase the sport’s popularity, a game already being participated in globally.


For this one, you would need a bit more fitness, yet it is still without physical impact. The combination of jogging and juggling have an annual World Joggling Championship. The first championship was held in Fargo, North Dakota in 1980. Jogglers have a choice of juggling balls or juggling clubs although many prefer hand-sized bags filled with birdseed. You need to keep three of these objects in the air while jogging, but informal competitions, you can enter in different classes. These would be seven balls and 100 metres, five balls and 400 metres and so forth. The requirement is excellent hand-eye coordination. Although the sport has a very competitive and severe side, mostly its popularity is fun based.