Spotify Enters Partnership with Warner Brothers

Podcasts have grown into a popular form of media, resembling radio broadcast series from an older age. Consumers of podcasts are known for listening to dark & exciting storylines that span dozens to hundreds of episodes. It’s prompted for multiple platforms like Apple Music & Spotify to create exclusive partnerships, hoping to gain priority market share in the podcast space. Finances are earned through various advertisements, with largescale companies earning hundreds of thousands monthly from millions of listeners.

It’s for this inherent reason that Spotify has paid out large quantities of their reserve funds, acquiring partnerships that’ll see their viewers increase tenfold. The 1st announcement made over Summer 2020 was that “The Joe Rogan Podcast” would move towards Spotify, with the UFC Commentator earning $50 million for becoming an independent podcaster with the music streaming service. This announcement quickly was overshadowed when Spotify revealed Kim Kardashian would host an exclusive podcast of their platform. It makes the 1st time that the wife of Kayne West is entering this form of entertainment, with details on how much was awarded in her contract not being revealed.

Spotify has now confirmed they’ve entered another partnership with Warner Brothers & DC Comics, which will allow notable superheroes to narrate podcasts on the streaming service. It’s not known which characters are being provided to Spotify, with some speculating that key characters like Superman cannot be transferred over to this format. His persona doesn’t support podcasting. Batman, Harley Quinn, the Joker, Bane, Flash, and Aquaman are just some of the characters that are better suited for this format. It’s almost guaranteed that a podcast will centre around the mischievous adventure of Joker & the Batman.

The Chances of Success

Spotify will find it challenging to obtain success with their recent contract agreements for exclusive podcasts. This landscape isn’t the standard form of entertainment, with anyone having the opportunity to create their podcast in whichever genre is desired. Multiple applications on iOS and Android support international podcasts, with exclusive shows, often being leaked to these apps. Spotify has significant hurdles to overcome in ensuring their unique properties aren’t leaked. There’s also no guarantee that the content Spotify creates will outweigh notable podcasts from unknown personalities, such as Lore by Aaron Mahnke.