Team Building Ideas for Sports

Connecting the players in your team on a personal level plays a vital role in fostering team spirit. We, therefore, decided to compile a list of the best team building activities to assist your teammates in gaining trust both off and on the field.

Team Building on the Field

Hot Dog Tag: Imagine classic tag. However, once a player is touched, they need to lie flat on the ground. The only way to get back in the game is when two teammates lay next to the person and yell ‘hot dog’. The teammates are not allowed to be tagged when a hot dog is formed. You can play between 2 to 5 minutes before allowing someone else to be ‘it’.

I Have Never: Allow everyone to raise their hands for every question they answer as true. You can ask questions that relate to a sport. For instance, “I have never been a goalie” or “I have never hit someone while playing.” Everyone will get a decent laugh the more creative your questions become.

Get to Know You: Take a beach ball, or perhaps the ball of the sport you are playing, and write numbers randomly across it. You then throw it in the air and allow one of the teammates to catch it. The teammate then needs to locate a number that is under one of their fingers and ask the corresponding question that goes along with it. The questions can include favourite sports team, favourite movie, etc.

Team Find and Seek: Give your teammates a list of items to check in order for them to get to know their teammates better. For instance, allow them to find a person with the same hair colour, same eye colours, same number of siblings, favourite candy, etc. You will need to give them sufficient time to find other players with similarities.

Aces at Races: Split your team into groups of two and host a few crazy races, including three-legged races, wheelbarrow races, or back-to-back while holding a water balloon between the two of them.

Team Building off the Field

Field Trip: Go to a fun and entertaining sports complex, such as an ice-skating rink or trampoline park. You can even do outdoor team building activities such as ropes or rock climbing.

Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of wacky challenges or things to capture on a smartphone and gather for an eventful evening of fun and games. You will then need to select a destination where everyone can meet and let the games begin.

Fun Run: Select a 5K run that will benefit an important cause for your players, or you can select an offbeat race, such as a bubble run or colour run to complete as a team. This also works fantastically for pre-season conditioning.

Feet Compete: Split the team into two groups and let them pass an exercise ball around in a circle. The challenge is to achieve this by passing the ball with their feet while everyone is on their backs.