Tesla Selects Texas for New Gigafactory

Elon Musk made an official announcement confirming which city in America where the companies new Gigafactory will be located. He announced that Tesla would construct a $1.1 Billion Gigafactory for the Cybertruck Austin, Texas. This announcement comes as Oklahoma fought their neighbouring state for acquisition of the Tesla Gigafactory, understanding that it’d create an influx of job opportunities shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic concludes in anticipated two-years time.

Elon Musk clarified that the Austin Gigafactory would be located on 2,000-acres against the Colorado River. It’ll take roughly thirteen minutes for employed personnel to drive from Downtown Austin to the Tesla Gigafactory. Clarifications were made through Tesla’s 2nd Quarter Earning Call, with Elon Musk making the information public shortly afterwards.

Austin’s Gigafactory will maintain an Ecological Paradise, which will also be available for public consumption. It’s suspected that Elon Musk will implore natural elements into the construction of his upcoming Gigafactory, creating a marvellous outdoor space for anyone to attend. It’s the perfect way to increase brand recognition of the Cybertruck in Austin, which is considered one of the most prominent markets for truck sales.

Statements from Both States

Elon Musk confirmed that Oklahoma would be the next location selected for future Gigafactory’s in America. The Secretary of Commerce in Oklahoma, Sean Kouplen, indicated that they’d continually pursue on Musk’s promise to innovate the states workforce landscape. It’d create an unprecedented level of jobs in the Tulsa Region, which is primarily African American.

The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, praised Elon Musk for selecting Austin for Tesla’s upcoming Gigafactory. Sentiments noted that innovative prowess of Tesla, which extends international boundaries. Governor Abbott welcomed Tesla into the State of Texas with open arms, hoping that it’ll revolution the technology manufacturing landscape.

The Incentives for Tesla

Elon Musk selected Texas over Oklahoma for the extended tax breaks that’ll be sustained, which are worth tens of millions. The cost-savings associated with this choice outweighed the job opportunities Elon’s Gigafactory would’ve created, with Texas supporting roughly five thousand new jobs & Oklahoma would begin with several thousand new career opportunities. Some are disappointed in Elon’s selection, but amid the COVID-19 pandemic, cost-savings has become a business requirement.